‘Unexpected’: Shayden Massey Roasted for Tattoo Parent Fail

Unexpected‘s Shayden Massey knew he would come under a lot of fire recently. In fact, he said, “Bring on the hate,” and went on with what he was doing.

Unexpected: Shayden Massey’s Tiny Tattoo Artist

Shayden Massey from Unexpected said he was getting a new tattoo. That wasn’t much to think about or look into, but when viewers saw who gave it to him, there were some raised eyebrows. Lexus Scheller’s boyfriend, Isaiah, and Shayden’s daughter, Scarlett Massey, took the tattoo pen to his skin.

Unexpected fans said that it didn’t look like what they were doing was very clean. Isaiah nor Scarlett wore gloves, and Shayden Massey said that he didn’t care about that. Despite safety concerns, some of the fans said it was really cute to see Scarlett Massey giving her dad a tattoo.

Viewers of Unexpected said it’s really awesome that Shayden and Isaiah get along. And noted that they made a lot of progress, which is good for their daughter. Whatever the case, TLC fans still don’t think it is a good idea to let a child give people a tattoo.

Unexpected: Shayden Massey - Scarlett Massey

Shayden Has Two Baby Mamas

On Oct 2nd, 2020, Shayden said that he has a new baby girl. Scarlett now has a half-sister, and fans think they will love each other. Some Unexpected viewers give Shayden Massey a hard time for fathering another baby.

Fans of Unexpected said that Shayden and Lexus might have been a mess on the show. But they are doing better now that they are not under the pressure of cameras. Some previous cast members say that production forces drama if there isn’t any.

Both Lexus Scheller from Unexpected and his other babies’ mother, Kylee, say they love being mothers. Watchers are glad that both of his daughters have mothers and a father that cares about them. And many fans stopped giving him a hard time because they see how hard he works to be there for them.

Unexpected: Shayden Massey - Scarlett Massey

Unexpected: Living His Best Life

Shayden Massey said that he is living his best life. Despite the sour romance between Lexus and Shayden, he seems to be glad to be friends with them. Fans of Unexpected said it’s good to normalize being friends with step-parents and being nice.

Unexpected star Shayden gets a lot of support from viewers about his commitment to his daughter but also his commitment to fitness. Shayden Massey doesn’t mind showing off his work at the gym and has plenty of girls after him. But it’s unclear if he’s looking for a relationship or if he wants to be single right now.

Whatever the case, viewers are glad he is there for his daughter. And look forward to seeing what his Doodlebob tattoo looks like when they finish with it.

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