‘Unexpected’: Lexus Scheller Pregnant with New Boyfriend’s Baby

Unexpected star Lexus Scheller said she would need some advice for parenting two children. She and her new boyfriend, Isaiah Norwood, will have a baby this year.

Unexpected: Lexus Scheller Said the Stars Aligned

Lexus Scheller of Unexpected said she has a new baby on the way. Her due date is September 2021, and fans are excited to see Scarlett Massey with a new sibling. Lexus had spoken about having a sibling for Scarlett, but no one knew when she wanted that to happen.

Unexpected mom Lexus told former castmate Lilly Bennett she would need some advice. Lilly now has two children and seems to be doing well, so she wanted to learn how she did it. And other moms, like Laura Barron, also gave their good wishes to the new mom.

Lexus Scheller didn’t say how her mom felt about it, but viewers guessed that she was happy about it. Lexus from Unexpected and her mom don’t live together anymore, so she will have to go it on her own a lot more than the last time. But fans said they hope her new boyfriend is more helpful.

Unexpected: Lexus Scheller

Lexus Calls Boyfriend Her Soulmate

Unexpected star Lexus Scheller seems happier now than ever. Even she and Shayden Massey get along and are doing good at co-parenting. In fact, Shayden and Isaiah get along, which people think is pretty amazing.

TLC’s Lexus and her boyfriend have been dating for a little over a year. And she said that he was her “soulmate and her f*cking person.” Lexus went on to say that the year with him had been heaven on earth.

Viewers of Unexpected wished them a happy anniversary. And said they are glad to see Lexus Scheller is doing so well in her relationship. One fan said, “Ya’ll are so hot together. Love that sparkle back in your eyes.”

Unexpected: Lexus Scheller

Unexpected: Getting Ready to Parent Two Kids

Lexus Scheller recently goofed off with Scarlett since they had a snowstorm. They played outside in the yard, and she accidentally pegged her in the face with a snowball. But Scarlett Massey thought it was pretty funny and laughed it off.

It seems like Lexus of Unexpected is feeling good this pregnancy and might not be dealing with morning sickness yet. Fans said they hoped Lexus Scheller’s pregnancy would go smoothly. And that they knew she had a long way to go before the baby arrived.

Fans said it was cute to see the stars aligned photo for when they conceived the baby. And that they hope everything else would line up just as well for the rest of their lives. Whatever the case, it seems like most of the drama is out of her life.

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