‘Unexpected’: Lexus Scheller Shows off Curves in Red Hot Halloween Costume

Unexpected‘s Lexus Scheller is ready for Halloween as she shows off sassy new pics with her friend Hunter and other ladies. It looks like she’s embracing her evil side this year.

Unexpected Update: Lexus Scheller Ignores Shayden Massey’s Big News

Lexus Scheller of Unexpected has gone through a lot with her ex-boyfriend Shayden Massey. Recently his new baby arrived in the world, but Lexus kept silent. Now, their daughter, Scarlett Massey, has a little sister, and viewers wonder how the young mom feels about things.

Whatever the case, it doesn’t seem like Lexus is letting it get her out of sorts. Unexpected mom Lexus Scheller is doing well after the Shayden split, and it seems like she’s focusing on herself—and her daughter. Most of the time, she hangs out with her daughter and friends.

Lexus did make a video with a boy a few months back. But fans aren’t sure who the new guy is with the Unexpected mom. But they do say they hope they use birth control.

Unexpected: Lexus Scheller

Lexus Gets Evil for Halloween

Lexus Scheller of the show Unexpected said she’d “get you dancing with the devil.” Her new outfit is super sassy, and fans said she is “beautiful,” a “hot mama,” and “so mf pretty.” Lexus didn’t look like she was afraid to show off her sassy new look, and fans loved it.

During Unexpected, Lexus told viewers that she likes girls as well as guys. Some viewers question if any of the women she took pictures with are love interests. Or if they are just friends that are going out in hot garb together.

Whatever the case, fans of Unexpected said they are glad Lexus is happy. Everyone agrees she looks amazing, and they love her new outfit. Viewers are curious about how Lexus Scheller’s mother feels about her costume, but so far, she hasn’t said anything.

Unexpected: Lexus Scheller

Returning to TLC’s Unexpected

Viewers can’t wait until the next season of the TV series Unexpected. Despite many of the young women not coming back to the show, Lexus and her mom will be back. Lexus Scheller’s ex Shayden leaked this to fans, and everyone is happy.

He went on to say that he also got an offer to come back to the show. Shayden Massey said they wanted him to come back too, but he didn’t want to be apart of the fakeness. He also said that they didn’t pay well enough for him to want to come back.

Viewers of the TLC show are glad they will see a familiar face on the show. And seeing little Scarlett all grown up is exciting for people that watched her birth on television. She is a beautiful cross between her mom and her dad, and viewers can’t wait for the newest episodes.

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