‘Unexpected’: Lexus Scheller Flaunts Plump New Lips

Unexpected star Lexus Scheller recently flaunted a big change she made to her face. She has been making a few changes in her life lately. One was to the status of her love life, and now she’s switching up her look.

Unexpected: Lexus Scheller Hangs Out with New Boyfriend on Thanksgiving

Since Lexus Scheller’s split from Shayden Massey, she has been spending time with a special guy. The Unexpected castmate has moved on from Shayden and is now in a new relationship. She and her new boyfriend, Isaiah, recently spent Thanksgiving together with her daughter, Scarlett. Lexus looks happy with Isaiah, and it seems like he gets along with Scarlett as well. But, it doesn’t seem like everyone in her life is on board with her new relationship.

Many Unexpected fans seem to believe that Lexus Scheller’s mother disapproves of her new relationship. Could history be repeating itself? Her mom wasn’t a big fan of Shayden Massey either. But, when it comes to her new man, Isaiah, fans think her mom believes he’s a bad influence. But, Lexus is older now and doesn’t have to seek her mom’s approval for who she’s dating. Fans just hope that she’s happy.

Unexpected: Lexus Scheller - Isaiah

Lexus & New Boyfriend Getting Serious?

Lexus Scheller and Isaiah have been together for a few months now. Before Thanksgiving, the Unexpected cast member also spent Halloween with Isaiah. Spending special occasions together shows that their relationship might be getting serious. Isaiah has also been bonding with Lexus’ daughter. Being a young mom can be difficult when it comes to dating. But, it seems like Isaiah doesn’t mind her having a child.

Not long ago, the Unexpected reality star spoke about her future with Isaiah. Lexus Scheller might be in a wedding planning mood. She brought up plans of becoming his wife and marry him one day. She took a picture holding Isaiah’s hand and said that she is “going to marry this man.”  If wedding bells are in her future, she doesn’t have to look far for a flower girl. Scarlett would make the cutest one.

Unexpected: Lexus Scheller

Unexpected Celeb Shows off New Look

Lexus Scheller’s relationship status isn’t the only change she made in her life. She recently made a change to one of her facial features. She revealed that she got lip fillers. In a clip, Lexus showed off every angle of her new lips. She said that she loves how they look and was thankful for the person who did them. She felt like they did an “amazing” job.

Lexus Scheller isn’t the first Unexpected TLC celeb to get fillers put into their lips. Her fellow castmate, McKayla Adkins, has been open about getting her lips done in the past. But it’s been a while since she got them done, and it seems like she is happy now with her natural lips. However, McKayla did reach out to Lexus to let her know that her lips look good with the fillers.

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