‘Unexpected’: Rilah Ferrer Quits – Guess What TLC Show Show She Wants to Be on Next?

Unexpected star Rilah Ferrer announced online that fans shouldn’t expect her to be on the TLC show again. Rilah is seemingly not happy with how the editing of her storyline was done. She had filmed numerous events that were never seen. Now Rilah is stating that she will not be on another season. But, she joked about being part of another TV program.

TLC’s Unexpected: Rilah Ferrer Shares Teen Pregnancy On TV

Rilah Ferrer shared her pregnancy on TLC’s hit show with her then boyfriend Anthony Vanelli became teen parents to a baby girl. She and Anthony named their daughter Malayah Vanelli. The relationship between Rilah and Anthony seemed perfect. Their storyline even ended with a marriage proposal.

Unfortunately, the Unexpected reality star’s relationship with her baby daddy didn’t last. First, Rilah Ferrer accused Anthony of physical abuse and posted a picture of a large bruise she said he gave her. Later, Anthony found himself in handcuffs. Now, Anthony faces domestic battery charges. The couple split up shortly after.

Rilah Ferrer Not Happy With TLC Production

Rilah Ferrer recently went on a rant on social media. She spoke about why she won’t be on another season of Unexpected. She admitted that she knew filming wouldn’t be easy. But, she was fine with it. Bur, she knew it was for a good cause. Alhough, it seems Rilah felt the network shouldn’t have asked her to be on the show.

The Unexpected young mom felt like production wasted her time. Because, Rilah Ferrer revealed TCL cut many scenes and interviews she filmed from the show. So, she alleges a lot of her footage never made it to air. That upset her. She also said production rushed her out of the hospital after delivering her daughter so they could film.

Rilah said because TLC pressured her, she “couldn’t enjoy time with my baby”. As a result, she regretted being on the show.

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Unexpected Celeb Not Done With Network?

Rilah Ferrer may be done with Unexpected, but may not be with TLC altogether. She wants to share another part of her life with the world. Rilah revealed another show she’d like to be on next. She wrote, “I’m ready to share my story. TLC hit me up again”.

The Unexpected cast member joked that she wants to appear on TLC’s My Strange Addiction. A show where people share their unusual obsessions. Rilah Ferrer said that her addiction is to “the texture of baby formula”. Which isn’t as strange as many of the peculiar habits featured on that program.

My Strange Addiction showed addictions to eating nail polish and having a physical attraction to a car. Rilah Ferrer explained she likes to put a little formula on her finger and play with it. So, maybe she will be back on television sooner than she thought.

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