‘Unexpected’: Rilah Threatens to Overdose on Pain Medication?

Unexpected star Rilah Ferrer is threatening to overdose on pain medication. The medication is herbal, but it still have fans worried. After making a post saying she might “OD”, fans are worried if she’s doing okay.

Unexpected: Rilah Ferrer Suffers Through Breakup

Unexpected reality TV favorite Rilah Ferrer and the father of her child, Anthony Vanelli, have broken up. This news is shocking to fans, as many people felt like they made a great combination together. One viewer even comments that their breakup is “so sad.”

Recently, they’ve worked together to celebrate their daughter’s first birthday. Rilah Ferrer is the mother of Malayah. During this birthday party celebration, Rilah seemed to look very happy with Anthony.

However, Rilah and Anthony are working on co-parenting Malayah together. Also, they have split custody of their daughter. But, that doesn’t mean that their relationship is drama free.

Unexpected personality Rilah spills about how she and Anthony are working on getting along together. But, they’re more focusing on seeming positive and happy around Malayah. This is because as she’s becoming a toddler, she’s beginning to understand more.

Unexpected: Rilah Ferrer
Unexpected: Rilah Ferrer

Star Overdosing Over Drama?

Unexpected star Anthony Vanelli recently attacked Rilah online. After their breakup, he’s posting about how he doesn’t feel like his baby mama is being fair to him. So, he threatened to take her to court.

Then, Anthony talks about how she isn’t letting him see his daughter. Even though this Unexpected couple seems to have settled their legal issues, it doesn’t seem like the battle is over. Also, Anthony’s recently posted a picture of himself flipping off his camera.

But, Rilah Ferrer’s saying that she’s given her baby daddy plenty of chances to come to see his child. Also, she says that Anthony’s threatened her the last few times that he’s come to see Malayah. Then, she says she believes her ex-fiance is legitimately “insane”. And she feels like this is enough reason to keep him away from her daughter.

Next, Rilah has talked about how there were apologies made between the two of them that were done in private. While it seems like they’re doing better online, it doesn’t seem like Rilah is over the emotional pain.

Unexpected: Rilah Ferrer

Unexpected: Rilah Ferrer Threatens to Overdose

Unexpected star Rilah Ferrer recently posted about some pain that she’s struggling with. She says that the tooth pain that she’s struggling with is too much. So, she’s about to say “f*** it.” Also, that she’s going to overdose on soothing tablets.

The tablets she’s posting have chamomile in them. But, they’re made to help calm, relax, and soothe babies. Also, they work on young children that are restless, teething, or upset.

Rilah then shut down her Instagram, at the time of the writing of this. And it’s leaving many concerned.

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