‘Unexpected’: Anthony Vanelli’s Mom’s Boyfriend Arrested For First-Degree Murder

Unexpected star Markos Asmat was arrested and charged with first-degree murder. Markos Asmat is Anthony Vanelli’s mom’s boyfriend who appeared on the show recently. The arrest took place late last month by the Orange County Sheriff’s Office. According to reports, Markos was a part of a robbery that went wrong and ended with someone dying. Though the burglary took place in January, Markos recently found himself in connection to the murder. It has been said that he is the one who came up with the robbery idea. Markos could find himself behind bars for life if he is guilty. 

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Unexpected – Anthony Vanelli Gets Father Advice

Anthony Vanelli is a first-time father on TLC’s Unexpected. Even though he wasn’t even sure if this baby was his. Anthony found out he was going to be a father when he and Rilah Ferrer were no longer together. During their breakup, Rilah was dating another boy. So, Anthony questioned the paternity of the baby. Although, it was clear to Anthony Vanelli that he was the father after seeing the sonogram of their baby. 

The Unexpected young father has a lot to learn about fatherhood. During a previously aired episode, Anthony’s mother’s boyfriend Markos Asmat gave him some fatherly advice. He wanted to make sure that Anthony finds out if he is the father of the baby. Little did Anthony know that he was receiving advice from a man who would allegedly later be the reason someone died. 


Markos Asmat Organized Home Robbery

Markos Asmat found himself getting arrested after five other suspects were already in custody. He found himself in police custody almost eight months after the event took place. Which was earlier this year. It was said that he was the person who “planned, organized and directed the armed burglary.”

The Unexpected reality star supposedly knew the home that was his target very well. He knew that the house would be worth robbing. Since he was aware there was a large number of drugs and money inside. However, Markos didn’t want to be the one to do the act. So, he got his friend and people he was able to recruit to do the job for him.

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TLC Celeb Markos Asmat Charges Reduced to 2nd-Degree Murder

Markos Asmat’s plan didn’t end the way he thought it would. During the raid, a household member becomes a victim of several gunshots. The victim’s name is Alexander Correa. Unfortunately, he didn’t survive the gunshots. Things took a turn for the worst when the robbery became a murder case. Markos didn’t take into account that someone could die during the raid. 

The Unexpected newcomer was initially facing a first-degree murder charge. Although, the charge later became a second-degree murder and burglary with a firearm charge. If he is found guilty, Markos could be sentenced to life in prison. Though, it wouldn’t be his first time in prison. Back in 2008, Markos spent 10 years behind bars for armed robbery.

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