‘Unexpected’: Lilly Bennett Makes Goofy New Friend with Aaliyah Kennedy

Unexpected‘s Lilly Bennett always wanted another child after Aaliyah Kennedy, and it seems like motherhood agrees with her. In fact, she was outside making a goofy new friend with her daughter recently.

Unexpected: Lilly Bennett & Aaliyah Kennedy Brave the Cold

Lilly Bennett from Unexpected and Aaliyah Kennedy suited up and went outside in the cold. They got a nice bunch of snow, and they wanted to get outside and enjoy it. Lifetime fans said that Aaliyah looked like a real-life Elsa.

Aaliyah of Unexpected had plenty of warm clothes on and started building a snowman. Lilly Bennett was proud of their creation and seemed to enjoy the freezing weather. Fans said it was cute seeing their little family enjoying themselves.

Lilly and Aaliyah weren’t alone for the snow adventure. Lilly Bennett’s boyfriend, Lawrence Bishop, had some fun in the snow with them too. Viewers of Unexpected said it is great to see the fun they had with these simple pleasures.

Unexpected: Lilly Bennett - Aaliyah Kennedy

Lilly Says Lawrence Bishop Is a Great Dad

Unexpected mom Lilly Bennett said she realized how immature she was when she was pregnant with Aaliyah Kennedy. And that now that she is older, she’s even more ready to be a mom. Now, she and Lawrence have two little ones since the birth of their son that’s named after Lawrence.

Lawrence Bishop and Aaliyah goof off all of the time, and he helps Lilly with her. Unexpected fans were upset with Lawrence over comments on the TLC show. But it seems like they forgave him for his comments about labor not being painful.

Unexpected viewers said they are glad Lilly Bennett is happy. And it seems like they all do well living at her mom’s house. Her mom said she thought she would be an empty nester soon, but it didn’t turn out that way.

Unexpected: Lawrence Bishop - Aaliyah Kennedy

Unexpected: Aaliyah Loves Her Life

Fans of Unexpected worried that Lilly Bennett and James Kennedy might be too irresponsible to take care of their daughter. But young Aaliyah Kennedy has a great life despite her dad not being around. Viewers said Lilly did better than they thought she ever could.

Aaliyah enjoys dancing and being silly, and watchers of Unexpected said it’s adorable. Some people worried about how Aaliyah Kennedy would feel about having a little brother. But Aaliyah said she wanted to help out with her little brother, Lawrence.

Aaliyah’s little brother was too small to come outside in the snow with them. But they still had a good time while he stayed inside and stayed warm. Viewers said that it is a big perk of living with a grandmother that can help take care of the kids when needed.

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