‘Unexpected’: Lilly Bennett Refuses to ‘Mutilate’ Baby – Lawrence Bishop Bugging

Unexpected‘s Lilly Bennett told Lawrence Bishop that she would never “mutilate” their baby. In fact, she said if he did it while she was sleeping, she would never speak to him again.

Unexpected: Lilly Bennett Stands Strong Against Lawrence Bishop

Lilly Bennett of Unexpected said she would never mutilate her baby. But her boyfriend, Lawrence Bishop, and his parents want the procedure done. They fought over whether or not to circumcise their soon-to-enter-the-world baby.

Unexpected mom Lilly said she doesn’t care what they say and that she would have no part of it. She said she knows how horrible it is for the baby, and she won’t let them do it. But Lawrence’s mother said she has to do it.

It looks like Lilly from Unexpected and Lawrence’s mother will continue to disagree on this one. But she asked her son if she liked his member, and he felt embarrassed. And said, “Okay. Just tell everyone everything,” when she made references to his circumcision.

Unexpected: Lilly Bennett

Lilly Makes Baby Plans with Lawrence

Unexpected Lilly and Lawrence agree on most things, but the circumcision likely won’t be one. She plans on having an all-natural birth because of her experience the first time. Lilly Bennett said she feels numb and strange from getting the needle in her back. She was referring to having an epidural to relieve the pain.

Lilly from Unexpected said she worries about how it will feel. She felt everything except for the pushing last time, but she worries how bad it will hurt. And Lawrence Bishop said he doesn’t do well with stuff like this.

In fact, when TLC’s Lilly Bennett told him about some pregnancy and birthing things, he said he didn’t have the stomach for it. Unexpected dad Lawrence got some hate on that statement. But others said he was only sharing his honest feelings with her. They think he is doing pretty good going from in tears over the pregnancy to taking care of business for his family.

Unexpected: Lilly Bennett

Unexpected: No Longer a Teen Mom

Viewers from Unexpected love keeping up with Lilly Bennett. She’s now 20 years old and has two adorable kids. Fans say that her genes must be very strong because both of her kids look like her.

Unexpected fans say Lilly and Lawrence look very happy together. She and Lawrence Bishop parent their kids together well. And she said that Lawrence is always there for her daughter, Aaliyah Rose Kennedy as well as his son, Lawrence Bishop IV.

Lilly and her mother are better friends than ever, and she said she will be more responsible now. In fact, she said she was really uninformed the last time she was pregnant. Some fans think she tried to get pregnant with her son because she had said she wanted another child.

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