‘Unexpected’: Lilly Bennett Gets Fiery New Hairdo

Unexpected mom Lilly Bennett looked really young with her curly hair – but now she’s got a grown-up new look. She went from cute curls to long straight hair with curled ends.

Unexpected: Lilly Bennett Feels Pretty

Lilly Bennett from Unexpected has focused on taking care of her kids and has kept her hair pretty much the same. Now that she’s 20, she got a new, more mature hairstyle. And TLC fans said she looks amazing with her new long locks.

Unexpected star Lilly got a lot of feedback from her family and friends. Her baby’s father, Lawrence Bishop, told her she looked so beautiful. Her sister also told her that she looked amazing with her new hair.

Lilly Bennett did seem to feel a little sassy after she got her hair done and smiled big about her new look. Viewers said they hope she keeps her hair that way because it looks so amazing. But what more people have an interest in is seeing her left hand.

Unexpected: Lilly Bennett

Lilly Says Yes to Lawrence Bishop?

Unexpected fans rejoiced when Lilly Bennett was no longer with James Kennedy. They were both young and irresponsible, but it was easy to see that James did not want to marry Lilly. When she and Lawrence started dating, fans hoped she wouldn’t have to go through all of that again.

Now, Lawrence, at the urging of his mom, wants to ask Lilly to marry him. If you fast forward to real-time, Lilly and Lawrence are engaged. Lawrence Bishop was so worried she wouldn’t say yes – but it looks like everything went well.

Lawrence said that Lilly Bennett is his everything and that he couldn’t imagine life without her. Fans of Unexpected said that Lilly finally found a good match. And it seems like the couple will make it down the aisle to marry.

Unexpected: Lilly Bennett

Unexpected: Enjoying Parenthood

Lilly said her doctors told her that she wouldn’t be able to have another baby. But the Unexpected mom got what she wanted and did get pregnant with her son. Her boyfriend was pretty nervous about becoming a father, but after a little bit, he got excited.

Unexpected mother Lilly Bennett always wanted to have another baby. When the doctors told her she couldn’t have one, she was very upset. Now that her little one is here, she couldn’t imagine life without the little guy.

Lilly Bennett from Unexpected enjoys being a mom, but she and her mother call Aaliyah Kennedy the devil. She is very active, and she gives her parents and grandparents a hard time. Even so, they wouldn’t change things for the world, and they are very happy with having both little ones.

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