‘Unexpected’: Lilly Bennett Happy about Teen Pregnancy

Unexpected‘s Lilly Bennett was only 17 when she went on the TLC show and shared about her pregnancy. Recently, she said that she was happy that she had her baby young and is happy about having her second baby while she is young as well.

Unexpected: Lilly Bennett Celebrates Being a Mom

Lilly Bennett of Unexpected said that she likes being a mom. And when fans asked if she would have chosen to have kids young, she said she is glad that it went down the way it did. In fact, she said that she wouldn’t change a thing.

Unexpected fans said that Lilly has strong genes when they saw pictures of her adorable kids. Lilly Bennett came into season 4 late, but fans were glad she came back. During the taping, Lilly was 19 and turned 20 while pregnant.

Lilly Bennett said her heart has never been so full. She had a hard time in season 3 of the show because of her rocky relationship with her baby’s father. But this time around, it seems like her second baby’s dad is excited about being involved.

Unexpected: Lilly Bennett

Lilly In a Healthy Relationship?

Unexpected fans hated seeing Lilly get the run around from her boyfriend, James Kennedy. The engagement-not-engagement ring that he gave her and all of the miscommunication was painful. But fans did spot a ring on her finger in her Christmas photo.

Lilly Bennett of Unexpected hasn’t given the scoop on the ring. But fans hope they might get some insight from her throughout this TLC season. And they said they are glad to see Lilly so happy.

Unexpected star Lilly Bennett said her mom is happy for her. Even though she didn’t think her daughter would have two kids at this time, she has come around to be happy about it. Fans are happy that they are building an adorable family.

Unexpected: Lilly Bennett

Unexpected: Looking forward to a Bright Future

Some critics of Unexpected say they shouldn’t promote teen pregnancy. But others clap back and say that if it happens, they should be glad when a young mom does well. Lilly said she is still breastfeeding her baby, and he is very healthy and fans think they should focus on these good things.

Unexpected parents welcomed her second baby, Lawrence Charles Bishop IV on Nov 21st. And her daughter Aaliyah Rose Kennedy looks like she enjoys being a big sister. The siblings spend a lot of time enjoying playtime on the floor.

Lilly Bennett has a lot of support and said she looks forward to the years to come. Viewers said that she was one of their favorites on the show and they look forward to seeing what she decides to do next. Fans gave many congratulations, and Lilly said she appreciates all of the kind words.

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