‘Unexpected’: Laura Barron Blows up about Tylor Strawmyer’s Baby Mama

Unexpected‘s Laura Barron said she has “had enough” of people talking about Tylor Strawmyer and his baby mama. In fact, she said she wanted to set the record straight about what is happening right now in a recent social rant.

Unexpected: Laura Barron Defends Tylor Strawmyer

Laura Barron of Unexpected isn’t saying that Tylor Strawmyer isn’t the father of another woman’s baby. In fact, she said she knows it is his baby, but she is tired of people putting their noses in her business. As a matter of fact, she said that she doesn’t care if she’s doing something other people wouldn’t do because it is her decision.

She said that 20-year-old Tylor got a 27-year-old woman pregnant. Laura said that they were on a break and that they were both seeing other people. Unexpected fans thought Tylor Strawmyer would stay with the other woman, but it turns out he moved back to Indiana to be with Laura Barron.

Unexpected mom Laura said that Tylor didn’t do anything wrong. And that he does want to be in this child’s life but not have anything to do with this woman. She went on to blast the other woman as well as fans poking around their business.

Unexpected: Laura Barron - Lucas Strawmyer - Leo Strawmyer

Laura Says She’s Staying with Tylor Strawmyer

Despite their challenges, Laura of Unexpected said she is staying with Tylor. On her social channel, she said the other woman is making up things about them. Fans said they think that Tylor Strawmyer is playing both of them and think it is very sad.

Fans of Unexpected agree that Laura is a great mom and a great person. But they think she already forgave him too many times since she already knew he cheated on her before they had children together. Whatever the case, it doesn’t seem like Laura Barron cares about anyone’s opinion.

Unexpected: Laura Barron - Tylor Strawmyer

Unexpected: Making the Marriage Work

Viewers of Unexpected said they could understand Laura wanting to make the marriage work. Most of them said she’s probably just scared and doesn’t want to be a single mom. Despite that, they say that she shouldn’t put up being treated this way.

It looks like Tylor and Laura are taking time away from the public eye to focus on their marriage. Fans think it would be good for them to stay together because of the kids. But only if they aren’t fighting all of the time.

Unexpected viewers still have their doubts about Tylor Strawmyer. But they are willing to give him a change if Laura is.

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