‘Unexpected’: Laura Barron Defends Cheating Past

Unexpected‘s Laura Barron has been in an on-again-off-again relationship with her husband, Tylor Strawmyer. After the most recent reunion, TLC fans gave her a lot of grief about her decision.

Unexpected: Laura Barron Claims She Tried to Make It Work

Laura Barron of Unexpected said they are going to try to make it work. In fact, she said that it’s no one’s business what she wants to do with her husband. And that she is happier with him, and they are doing great after getting back together.

When fans first met Tylor and Laura, everyone learned he cheated on her during their relationship. He apologized and asked for forgiveness, and he also asked her to marry him. She said yes, and now they have not only one but two children together.

Unexpected fans said Laura Barron shouldn’t stay with Tylor Strawmyer because he cheated on her. But Laura said he wasn’t the only one that wasn’t faithful. She said that both of them made mistakes and that they wanted to try to work through things.

Unexpected: Laura Barron - Tylor Strawmyer

Laura Barron Says Things Are Going Well

Not long ago, Laura Barron took a break from the public because of some pretty nasty comments from fans. Just because she’s back in the public eye, that doesn’t mean the nastiness stopped. In fact, she said that things are still pretty terrible in that department.

Unexpected mom Laura said she is really happy she is back with Tylor. She even tried to take some cute pictures of him while he slept, but he woke up. Fans said they didn’t understand how she still wanted to be with him.

Some viewers of Unexpected even said that he wasn’t cute enough to deal with. And that if he looked better, they might understand why Laura did it. Whatever the case, it seems like Laura Barron is tired of people trying to get her to leave her husband.

Unexpected: Tylor Strawmyer - Laura Barron

Unexpected: Keeping the Family Together

Laura Barron from Unexpected said she wants to keep her family together. And that if she and Tylor can make it through this difficult time, that people should let them be happy. Laura is acting all lovey-dovey with Tylor Strawmyer, and fans can’t take it.

Some viewers said they understand forgiving cheating. But they also pointed out that Tylor has a baby on the way with another woman. Even so, it doesn’t seem like Laura is letting this stop her from living in the moment with her husband.

Laura Barron acts like she doesn’t want a lot of attention. But she continues to defend herself and share her private life with the public. Many Unexpected fans say that she deserves the hate and unwanted advice because she makes her life open to the public.

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