‘Unexpected’: Laura Barron Rebuilds Broken Relationship

Unexpected‘s Laura Barron is going through a lot of life changes right now. While some might seem negative, she is rebuilding a very important broken relationship in the face of marital turmoil.

Unexpected: Laura Barron Moves Back Home

Laura Barron moved with her husband, Tylor Strawmyer, to California because of his work in the U.S. Navy. The couple and their two children, Lucas Strawmyer and Leo Strawmyer, seemed very happy. Unexpected parents Laura and Tylor did come up against a few challenges, but overall they seemed to have a good life together.

Not long ago, Laura decided she would come back to Indiana while Tylor of Unexpected was out for a couple of months on a ship. It seems like the couple of months in Indiana became more months, and Laura Barron and her husband are in limbo. Laura had changed her status to “single mom,” but that’s no longer what she’s claiming.

Viewers of Unexpected wonder if they are trying to work things out long distance. The TLC couple was one of the few that survived out of everyone that came on the show. But fans think that Laura Barron’s move home might have been a positive move.

Unexpected: Laura Barron - Anna Barron

Laura & Anna Barron Getting Along

When fans watched Laura Barron’s season of Unexpected, one of the drama points was with her sister Anna Barron. Anna didn’t want to have anything to do with Laura’s pregnancy. And she acted like she felt like she wasn’t getting enough attention because of her sister.

Big sis Laura didn’t seem like she cared about Anna’s feelings. In fact, she said if she couldn’t accept her son, then she didn’t want to have anything to do with her. Fast forward to the present day, and it looks like the sisters are doing great.

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As a matter of fact, Laura from Unexpected said that she and Anna are best friends again. Recently, they went and got their nails done together. And they are hanging out a lot.

Unexpected: Laura Barron - Anna Barron

Unexpected: Living Her Best Life

Despite no longer being with Tylor in California, viewers hope the Unexpected mom is getting what she wants. Laura was one of the most drama-free girls on the show. And now that she and Anna get along, it seems like she is living a great life.

She did blast her husband for going on a date, but Tylor Strawmyer said there are two sides to every story. Fans of Unexpected hope he didn’t cheat on his wife—again. But some people think that he stepped out and she should stay with her family in Indiana.

Laura Barron is having a good time with her family. And Leo and Lucas are doing well. In fact, Lucas just got a hair cut and looked very pleased with it.

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