‘Unexpected’: Laura Barron’s Major Transformation Is Mind Blowing

Unexpected‘s Laura Barron‘s recent move and major transformation have fans asking big questions. Many viewers of the TLC didn’t even recognize the young mom of two with her new look.

TLC’s Unexpected: Laura Barron & Tylor Strawmyer On the Rocks

Laura Barron and her husband Tylor Strawmyer were one of the few couples people thought would make it. Unexpected star Tylor even proposed to Laura at the tell-all for the show. The couple married in July 2018.

After having Lucas Strawmyer, the couple also had Leo Strawmyer, and Laura miscarried at a third child. But sadly, everything isn’t rosy for Unexpected mom Laura now. She moved from her parent’s house in Indiana to be with her husband in California for his navy career, but now she’s back.

In February of 2020, Laura Barron moved back to her parent’s house. But she told fans that they were still together, but he was going on a ship for a couple of months. It seems like those couple of months separation turned into more time, but fans hope they will work it out.

Unexpected: Laura Barron

Laura’s Shocking Changes

Since moving back in with her parents, Laura Barron made some big changes. Viewers of Unexpected noticed Laura is nice to her sister Anna Barron. And Laura says they are best friends again.

The Unexpected celeb also made some changes to her physical appearance. In fact, many viewers couldn’t recognize her when they saw recent photos. Fans said that the dark hair was definitely the way to go. She went from her light blonde hair to dark brown, and fans are here for it.

Other fans of Unexpected noticed Laura’s face was a lot thinner. She also looks much happier and confident. Fans dropped lots of encouragement for her. And many people told her how beautiful her new look is and that brunette is her color.

Unexpected: Laura Barron

Unexpected: Living Her Best Life with Her Kids

It doesn’t look like Laura from Unexpected plans on moving back to California with Tylor Strawmyer. In fact, not too long ago, she changed her status to “single mom.” She recently took the “single” status off, and viewers think she might have got some unwanted attention.

Not long ago, she blasted her husband for going on a date. So viewers think that Laura’s husband might have picked up his cheating ways. Viewers say he shouldn’t go out on dates if they are just in a separation. But her husband said there are two parts to every story.

Whatever the case, it looks like Laura Barron enjoys life back at her parents. She’s building her relationship with her sister. And the boys look like they like being with their extended family as well.

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