‘Unexpected’: Laura Barron Getting Divorce – Tylor Strawmyer Spills

Unexpected star Laura Barron has been on again and off again with Tylor Strawmyer. But now, it’s her ex who spilled the beans and said that he was filing divorce papers.

Unexpected: Laura Barron Living Her Life without Tylor Strawmyer

Laura Barron from Unexpected recently got a lot of heat for going back to Tylor Strawmyer. They were on and off over the last few months, and TLC fans said she should cut and run. Laura defended her decision to stay with Tylor, and after a month, she totally changed her mind.

Unexpected mom Laura Barron said that she is doing well and feeling happy. And now, she is not with Tylor, and there is no way they would get back together. Since they have broken up and gotten back together so many times, fans aren’t sure they believe her.

Laura wasn’t the one that spilled all the tea on the Unexpected couple. She might have moved on with her life, but Tylor Strawmyer was ready to lay it all out there for viewers. And some people felt shocked at the information he dropped.

Unexpected: Laura Barron

Tylor Lets It All Lose

Unexpected dad Tylor said that he isn’t “here for drama” and that he doesn’t put up with it. After that, he went on to tell all of his and Laura’s drama. He said they decided to forgive and forget and get back together, but after a month, everything went downhill.

Tylor Strawmyer even said that Laura Barron tried to deal with the situation of him having another baby on the way. He cheated on Laura with this girl and got her pregnant. But Laura still wanted to make things work. Tylor Strawmyer said he met this girl in a mental hospital and let her live with him after she got out.

Unexpected father Tylor said that he wouldn’t have a relationship with his new baby mama that is due in June. But that he would have something to do with his new baby if she would let him. Fans said it sounds like he’s in a big mess and should “get fixed.”

Unexpected: Laura Barron - Tylor Strawmyer

Unexpected: The Plan Moving Forward

Laura from Unexpected said she isn’t living with her parents anymore. She works full-time, and she has her own apartment. It seems like she is doing well and enjoying a good time hanging out with her sister.

Tylor, on the other hand, isn’t doing as well since his discharge from the military. They tested him for drugs and he failed the test. Since he failed, they kicked him out. Right before he went to the mental hospital, he said he smoked some MJ, and they followed him there to test him.

Despite these challenges for the Unexpected star, he said he would get back in the military. He is working hard as an electrical technician. He said he also gets to see his kids regularly.

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