‘Unexpected’: Laura Barron Gives Son Cool New Haircut – Before & After

Unexpected‘s Laura Barron is having a great time mothering her two young boys. Her sons Lucas Strawmyer and Leo Strawmyer take up a lot of her time, and after what looks like a recent breakup, fans wonder what she will do now.

Unexpected: Laura Barron Has the Least Drama

Viewers of Unexpected loved seeing Laura Barron on the TLC show. Many people asked why she didn’t come back. Most viewers said it was because Laura Barron didn’t have enough drama in her story.

At the time of the show, Laura Barron and her boyfriend, Tylor Strawmyer, were together. And besides a 2-year-old cheating scandal on Tylor’s part—it was pretty smooth sailing. Unexpected had to reach for family drama with Laura’s little sister.

Even Unexpected star Laura’s dad liked Tylor and gave them his blessing. But it seems like there is some drama happening in their lives. And it looks like the young married couple is now split. But they aren’t letting that hurt their kids.

Unexpected: Laura Barron - Lucas Strawmyer - Leo Strawmyer

Lucas Stawmyer Gets a Hair Cut

Little Lucas from Unexpected is the baby that started it all for Laura Barron and Tylor. Now he’s a toddler and has a little brother named Leo Strawmyer. And it looks like he got his first haircut, and his lovely locks are no more.

Laura showed off her little cutie’s new look. Lucas was smiling for ear-to-ear, and it looks like he enjoys his new look. Unexpected mom Laura Barron is already getting them ready for trick or treating, but he looks so different—even without a Halloween mask.

Lucas is superman this year, and little bro Leo is going as batman. The young mom seems to be doing very well, despite the challenges she faces during this time in her life. Fans of Unexpected gave her virtual high-fives for all of her hard work.

Unexpected: Lucas Strawmyer

Unexpected Update: Laura Looks Forward to a Happy Future

Recently, Laura Barron described herself as a single mother. And she blasted her husband Tylor for going out on a date only five days after their separation. But he said there are two sides to each story.

Whatever the case, it seems like things might be calming down again. In fact, Laura stopped saying she’s a single mom. But so far, there’s still no confirmation that the Unexpected couple is back together.

Viewers saw a new photo of Laura and her sister. And it looks like they are back to best friend status once again. People are happy that the ladies could work things out since that was a sore spot during the show.

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