‘Tiger King’: Joel McHale Hosts New Episode Titled ‘Tiger King and I’

Tiger King on Netflix has a new episode, with host Joel McHale. It will be a Tell-All style show with many of the people featured in the 7-part docuseries.

Netflix viewers are excited for the 8th installment of Tiger King and the choice for host Joel McHale. On April 12th, fans of the show will get to see the episode called the Tiger King and I.

Will Tiger King Joe Exotic Be on the New Netflix Episode?

No one can get enough of Joe Exotic, but since he is in jail, will he be in the next episode? Everyone wants to know what is happening with Joe. Joe has even made the news by asking President Trump to pardon him. Will Joe Exotic get out of jail and be able to appear on the show?

Netflix is holding their cards close to the chest as to how Joe is going to appear on the show or if he’ll only be contributing through audio.

Tiger King: Joe Exotic

Will Carole Baskin Be on the ‘Tiger King and I‘?

Carole Baskin has become famous because of Tiger King. Many people are saying Carole Baskin killed her husband. When Carole was asked if she was going to be on the newest episode of Tiger King, she gave a strong no. As a matter of fact, she is shocked by how many people say she killed her husband and is taken backward as to what is happening.

The local sheriff department has reopened the missing case of her 2nd husband, Don Lewis. Fans don’t think she wants anyone to ask her more about what happened to her husband. Carole did say that she wasn’t asked to be on the new episode.

Tiger King: Carole Baskin

Joel McHale Is Ready to Host Netflix Special

When it comes to the murder, mystery, and mayhem of Tiger King on Netflix, Joel McHale is the perfect host. Joel McHale said he recommends viewers watch all 7 episodes before viewing the 8th.  He said that he talks to a lot of people from the show in the after-show episode.

Joel mentioned he talked to Jeff and Lauren Lowe, Saff, Eric Cowie, John Finlay, John Reinke, and Rick Kirkham. In fact, he says he is going to find out what happened to them since the filming of the show. Fans are ready to see if the popularity of Tiger King has had a big impact on their lives or if it is business as normal.

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