‘Tiger King’ News: Joe Exotic Sues for $94 Million from Prison

Tiger King‘s Joe Exotic is suing for $94 million dollars after his 22-year prison sentence. He is serving time in prison for a murder for hire plot. He maintains he is innocent, but the lawsuit isn’t over his imprisonment. Joe wants his $94 million because he says he is being singled out for prosecution because of his gay tiger owning status.

Tiger King News: Joe Exotic Singled Out?

According to Joe Exotic from the Netflix series Tiger King, he is on the prosecution’s radar for two very specific reasons. And those reasons are that Joe Exotic is gay and that he owns exotic animals. Joe is openly gay and is on his second marriage after his first husband accidentally shot himself. He says the reason he is targeted for this lawsuit is that he is gay and because he has the largest collection of generic tigers and crossbreeds.

Besides for the Netflix Tiger King show, you might have seen Joe on his internet television show where he is known to rant and rave. One of his favorite topics to rave about is Carole Baskin. And she is the woman the courts convict him of trying to have someone kill.

Tiger King: Joe Exotic

The Murder Plot That Caged Joe Exotic

When viewers watch the first episode of the Tiger King, it is easy to fall in love with this big cat petting blonde mullet man they say. He’s dramatic and he blows things up. Including dummies that he calls Carole.

Joe Exotic says he is not guilty and that he shouldn’t be in prison. He maintains his innocence. But he was convicted of trying to hire a man to drive to Florida and kill Carole for $3,000. There is even a recording that has Joe Exotic saying to cap her. The prosecution plays the recording at the trial and Joe is off to jail. After Carole won a civil case against the Tiger King star for $1 million dollars people say he snapped.

Tiger King: Joe Exotic

Will the Tiger King Stay Caged?

Tiger King viewers wonder if Joe Exotic is going to stay in prison after his lawsuit. His lawyer tried to argue for a lesser sentence because of his health conditions. They said with how his health is, the sentence is likely to be a life sentence. The prosecution states their satisfaction with the outcome even if that does mean life in prison for the Tiger King Joe Exotic.

Despite the $94 million lawsuit against the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the U.S. Department of the Interior, the assistant U.S. attorney and other individuals, things don’t look hopeful for Joe’s freedom.

Tiger King is currently streaming on Netflix.