‘Tiger King’: Carole Baskin’s Husband Says She Didn’t Kill Her 2nd Husband

Tiger King‘s Carole Baskin maintains her innocence and now her current husband, Howard Baskin, speaks out. Howard says Carole didn’t kill her 2nd husband, Don Lewis. He claims that if people would spend an hour with Carole that they would know that she could never kill anyone.

Carole Baskin’s Husband, Howard Baskin, Jumps to Her Defense After Netflix’s Tiger King

Carole Baskin’s third husband Howard says the docuseries Tiger King on Netflix didn’t tell the whole story. In fact, he says there were many things the show didn’t share. He says that the show tries to make it look like Carole is guilty. He said the things that the series shares were not always accurate, even though they cooperated with everything asked of them. And, he claims they didn’t do their job right.

Howard Baskin said that if anyone would come to the park and spend an hour with Carole, they would know she was a good person. He says is that Tiger King didn’t turn out how he thought it was going to. Howard says he and Carole Baskin thought the docuseries was going to show the ugliness of big cat breeding and cub petting. And what actually happened was a sensationalized TV show.

Tiger King: Howard Baskin

Tiger King: Did Carole Baskin Kill Her Husband? – Howard Says “No”

Howard Baskin and wife Carole Baskin have been living together for 15 years. And he says they have never had so much as a harsh word. He says they make decisions together every week. And they don’t always agree. But he went on to say that they talk about it, listen. And if they can’t agree one of them just says let’s do it your way.

Howard goes on to say that Carole Baskin is the most considerate spouse and that he is a lucky man to have her. On the other hand, Howard Baskin does say it is difficult dealing with all the harsh words from people that don’t know Carole.

Now, the internet is filled with memes that imply Carole Baskin killed her husband. So, Howard is trying to combat the negative image Carole has from her appearance on Tiger King. And, he’s trying to share his side about what took place in 1997, but people aren’t listening. It should be pointed out that Hoard Baskin didn’t know Carole Baskin in 1997, so he has no first hand knowledge of events.

Tiger King: Carole Baskin

Netflix Star Also Speaks Out About Big Cat Captivity at Big Cat Rescue

After Howard Baskin finishes saying Carole did not kill her husband, he goes on to address big cat captivity. The captivity he’s talking about is at their very own Big Cat Rescue. He mentions that Joe Exotic says on Netflix’s Tiger King that they have small cages.

Howard says that is not the truth, and in fact, they have very large cages. The smallest of the cages is as big as a house, according to Howard.

Many Tiger King fans think it looks like he is doing damage control, but he maintains he is trying to get the truth out.

Some fans have taken to playing a game called “Did Carol Baskin Kill Her Husband” with their delivery people.

In the game, the person will put up a sign and the delivery person has to choose “yes” or “no” when delivering the packages.

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