‘Tiger King’: Jeff and Lauren Lowe Spill Behind the Scenes Shockers

Tiger King‘s Jeff Lowe and Lauren Lowe say that the Netflix docuseries wasn’t totally accurate. These two have plenty to share as they speak out about what really went on with Joe Exotic, Carole Baskin, and the rest of the big cat crew.

Lauren Lowe and Jeff Lowe Had No Idea Netflix’s ‘Tiger King’ Would Be a Hit

Jeff and wife Lauren Lowe say when Tiger King filmed, they didn’t know where it will show. During the filming, they have no clue it was going to be on Netflix and that the viewership would be so large. Worst of all, they feel like the episodes do not show who they are properly. The couple might agree they are a little different than other couples, but not as much as the show made it seem.

The Tiger King couple says they are shocked when the docuseries sold to Netflix. And the views that follow the airing on Netflix were even more shocking than the sale. They say they aren’t sure why people care about their life or what they do. But they do show the new baby for a short hello.

Tiger King: Jeff Lowe - Lauren Lowe

We Weren’t Involved With the Plot to Kill Carole Baskin Says Lauren Lowe

What many other people want to know from Lauren Lowe and husband Jeff Lowe is if they were involved with the murder plot against Carole Baskin. While the couple says they did not rat or snitch on Joe, they go on to say that they actually came out to Oklahoma to save Joe.

Jeff Lowe says that Joe is a criminal and has been a criminal for a long time. Jeff said the songs you see isn’t Joe the Tiger King singing. He doesn’t even sing. Jeff said that Joe had asked over 200 people to carry out a kill order on Carole Baskin. If anyone looked like they might be able to do it — he would ask them, according to Jeff. Lauren agreed with her husband.

Jeff Lowe says the only part he played was pulling up a map that showed Carole’s house from the sky. He says that they cooperated with the investigation by giving their bank accounts and any other information needed. And he downplays his arrest in Las Vegas. He says the authorities cited him for doing business without a license, because of a commercial vehicle in his driveway.

Tiger King: Joe Exotic

Tiger King: Jeff and Lauren Lowe Save the Big Cats from Carole Baskin

Jeff Lowe from Tiger King and his wife say they came to bail Joe out because they wanted to save the cats. They didn’t want Carole to be able to take the property from Joe in her civil case. She won a won $1 million against Joe Exotic, and. Joe didn’t have the money.  The two came down and bought the park from him to save him and the big cats they say.

Lauren and Jeff say they knew Carole Baskin would find a way to get the cats and make money off the tigers. They didn’t want her to be able to do that. They also say that she has had more cats die than Tiger King Joe has ever killed. Jeff said that Joe killed at least 15 or 16 tigers. But she would be worse for the tigers than even Joe.

Joe Exotic shares a very different side of the story, saying he didn’t know Jeff Lowe was behind on his Ferrari payments. He says he wasn’t aware that the mansion in Las Vegas was a rental. After the sale of the zoo went through, Joe says that both Jeff and his wife show their evil side. They say things about Joe, such as saying he had someone set his own zoo on fire to hide that he stole video footage that he had in his safe.

Tiger King: Jeff Lowe - Lauren Lowe

Netflix Tiger King: What Happened to Carole’s Husband Don Lewis? Jeff Lowe Reveals What He Thinks

When asked about what Jeff from Tiger King thought happened to Carole Baskin’s husband Don, Jeff Lowe is open about his thoughts. He says he thinks Carole Baskin knew Don was going to leave her. When she figured it out, Jeff believes acted to save herself from being out of money.

Lauren Lowe agrees that Carole knew her time as a millionaire’s wife was almost up. Jeff calls her a street-savvy young lady that wants to protect her lifestyle. Jeff and Lauren say they truly believe Carole killed her husband.

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