‘Tiger King’: Police Reopen Case of Carole Baskin’s Missing Husband Don Lewis

Tiger King on Netflix is bringing a lot of attention to the case of Carole Baskin‘s missing husband Don Lewis. The internet is flooding with memes, tweets, and theories about who dun it. With the added interest and new information after the series came out, the police are reopening the case.

Netflix’s Tiger King: Carole Baskin Says About Killing Don Lewis “How Could I Have Done That?”

During the Tiger King, an interviewer asks Carole Baskin about killing her husband. She laughs and asks how she could have done that. How could she have fit a whole person in the meat grinder? There are other instances the interviewer asked Carole about doing something to her husband. Her answer was often “How could I have done that?”

Even celebrities like Kim Kardashian are talking about whether Carole Baskin had killed her husband. She tweeted the other day and asked fans what they thought. Carole has said multiple times on Tiger King and elsewhere that she did not kill her husband. But fans of the Netflix show are skeptical due to circumstances surrounding Don Lewis’ disappearance.

Tiger King: Carole Baskin

The Hillsborough County Sheriff Uses Tiger King Buzz to Ask for New Leads on Missing Person Don Lewis

Police are using the buzz around Tiger King to ask for new leads. Don Lewis has been missing since August 18th, 1997, but police are now hopeful for new information. Despite the blog post Carole Baskin wrote after the show aired, some viewers don’t believe Carole had nothing to do with the disappearance of Don Lewis.

When Don Lewis went missing, Carole reported she had seen him hours before. As she says on Tiger King, she claims that he said he was going to leave early, early, early in the morning. That same night Carole drove a van out of the Big Cat Rescue, which was then known as Wildlife on Easy Street. She said her van broke down and she ran into her police officer brother and his partner gave her a ride home and this was around 3 am.

The van was left to sit for days before the police came to dust it for prints. Many believe this is because there wasn’t yet enough to prove there had been foul play on Carole Baskin’s part of anyone else’s. Some fans of Tiger King think the police did not investigate Carole Baskin enough as a suspect as her brother was on the force.

Tiger King: Carole Baskin - Howard Baskin

How Does Howard Baskin Feel About Accusations That Carole Baskin Killed Don Lewis?

Carole Baskin’s current husband Howard Baskin spoke out about Tiger King on Netflix. He says the Netflix docuseries did not do what they said they were going to do. They say they trusted Rebecca Chaiklin and Eric Goode’s who pitched them on the docuseries. Howard says he did not know Joe Exotic was going to be the focus of Tiger King.

Howard says he was told that the mentioning of Don Lewis missing would done in a respectful and truthful way. He claims they lied about everything. He also says he and Carole were not allowed to respond to anything that was said and even goes as far as to call claims in Tiger King “false claims.”

Howard says he does not believe Carole Baskin killed her second husband Don Lewis. He even goes as far as to say the biggest con artists of them all, in his opinion, were Tiger King producers Eric Goode and Rebecca Chaiklin who talked them into doing the interview. He even ranks them above Doc Antle and Joe Exotic.

Tiger King: Was Carole Baskin Lied To By Producers, Or Did The Story Change?

It should be pointed out that when a documentary film project is started, the producers don’t know where the story will take them. Since a documentary does not follow a script, main characters and storylines often change as circumstances and known information changes.

When the project started filming it was centered around the selling of exotic cats and those that rescued them. Tiger King viewers remember that the project started when the producers met a man with a snow leopard in the back of a hot van. As most documentaries start out filming without a title, it probably was not called Tiger King at the time.

No one can deny that the storyline dramatically changed during the shooting. Carole Baskin might have very well been the main focus and Joe Exotic may have been a secondary character. But when Joe was arrested, he of course became the main storyline.

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