‘Tiger King’: Dax Shepard Says He Should Play Joe Exotic – Or Else

Tiger King on Netflix has everyone buzzing and that includes Dax Shepard who wants to play Joe Exotic, the main character. Dax is from the series Bless This Mess and comedic movies like CHiPs. And, Dax Shepard says he will be the perfect person to play Joe Exotic, the tiger wrangling, gun-carrying want-to-be Oklahoma governor.

But he’s not the only one that wants to play the larger than life Tiger King character. Plus, Joe Exotic has his own ideas of who should play him in the biopic.

Netflix’s Tiger King: Dax Shepard Wants to Play Joe Exotic. Edward Norton Says “Step Aside”

Dax Shepard says he will be the perfect person to play the Tiger King, Joe Exotic. While Dax might think he’s the right person for the job, Edward Norton isn’t so sure. Edward tells Dax on Twitter that he needs to back off. He also says that Dax is far too young and buff to play Joe.

Dax Shepard doesn’t seem to care what anyone else thinks. He wants to be Joe Exotic no matter and if not, then he says Hollywood is broken. Viewers enjoyed Dax’s photoshop job on Joe where he put his face on the mulleted Tiger King.

Tiger King: Dax Shephard - Edward Norton

Who Is Going to Make It to the Feature Film?

Just a few short weeks ago, America didn’t know they wanted a Tiger King. Now Joe Exotic is all over social media and in everyone’s Netflix queue. With the quick rise to fame for the Netflix series, other stars want to hitch their wagon to the story in this fame game.

One of the fan favorites that will play Carole Baskin in the SNL miniseries is Kate McKinnon. Kate is known for her quirky, fun brand, and some fans even say she’s a little weird. Fans of Tiger King think she will be great to play the role of Carole Baskin. But will she make it to the biopic as well as the SNL miniseries?

Tiger King: Kate McKinnon

Tiger King Joe Exotic Has His Own Thoughts On Who Should Play Him

Joe Exotic from Tiger King on Netflix has his own thoughts on who should play him. He said to Netflix that Brad Pitt or David Spade would be the perfect person to play the part. While many people raise an eyebrow at the sexy and charming Brad Pitt playing Joe Exotic in Tiger King, they should remember his scruffy roles in both True Romance and Kalifornia.

Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt might have to do a little scruffing up fans say, but maybe he could take on the part.

As far as David Spade, that isn’t as far of a reach for viewers since he’s played Joe Dirt. Maybe it’s time for David to play another mullet-loving Joe after all.

David Spade

Now we have to see who will make the cut. Will Dax Shepard get his wish and get to play the role of Tiger King? Or will another actor dethrone his dreams?

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