‘The Bachelor’ Spoilers: Peter Weber Gets Rid of Leading Lady Before Hometowns

The Bachelor spoilers tease a downward spiral for favorite Kelley Flanagan, which results in Peter Weber ditching her in tonight’s episode. If you thought last week’s two-on-one was bad, the three-on-one coming up should be plenty more awkward. It seems as though Kelley’s personalty turns sour and leaves a bad taste in Peter’s mouth. Because he kicks her out before traveling to the final four women’s hometowns.

The Bachelor Spoilers: Peter Weber & Kelley Flanagan Connection

Before filming for the show even started, Bachelor spoilers indicated Kelley Flanagan had a leg up on all of the other contestants. Kelley had already met Peter Weber at a hotel before being cast, where they shared an instant connection.

So, when Kelley and Peter reunited at the mansion, it was obvious that The Bachelor might see it as a sign.

Kelley Flanagan won a challenge at the first group date (some say she cheated) and got to be The Bachelor‘s co-pilot on a private flight. Since then, Kelley has laid fairly low and refrained from getting involved in this season’s never-ending drama. Although she did dress up as Peter’s Abuela last week and make out with him if that counts. But that might be about to change.

Promo Reveals Her Dark Side

It’s down to six women and the claws are coming out…again. This time Kelley Flanagan seems to be the perpetrator and the promo teases “no one saw her coming”. “Give me a rose, chop, chop,” she says in the jaw-dropping preview for tonight’s Bachelor episode. Victoria F appears to call her a “psychopath”. Then Kelley effectively cuts the crap “if you’re weak, then you’re not gonna last”.

She calls the other women “children” and says that Peter Weber has an “easy decision to make”. Obviously, Kelley means herself and the shot cuts to Hannah Ann Sluss sobbing on a bench. Did Kelley Flanagan cause Hannah Ann’s tears? But that’s not all. Apparently, “Peter never saw this coming” which might be having to eliminate Kelley so early.

The Bachelor Spoilers 2020: Kelley Flanagan Likes Anti-Peter Tweet

There might still be hard feelings after Peter Weber sends Kelley Flanagan home tonight. The other day Kelley liked a tweet that said she “clearly hates” Peter and fans aren’t sure what to think. Although she could have just been trolling or accidentally liked it, the new footage reveals the two might have ended on bad terms. So, maybe she really does “hate” Peter.

Find out tonight when The Bachelor airs on ABC at 8/7c.

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