‘The Bachelor’: Peter Weber Considering Walking Away from Show after Hannah Brown Conversation?

The Bachelor Peter Weber spilled some major information about Hannah Brown and the rest of his season in a recent interview. He sat down for a conversation with ET’s Lauren Zima and host Chris Harrison for the telling reveal. While he couldn’t go into much detail, Peter did share some things with Lauren and Chris, including his thoughts on Hannah. Plus, he admitted that he would have walked away for Alabama Hannah. Keep reading to see what Peter had to say.

Peter Weber Thought He Was Ready to Be ‘The Bachelor’

According to Peter Weber (The Bachelor), he thought he was “in a really good spot” when he agreed to be ABC’s leading man. But, in an interview with Lauren Zima for Entertainment Tonight, Peter admits that might not be the case. Bachelor Nation host Chris Harrison, who’s dating Lauren, joined the two for the conversation. One of their major topics being the aftermath of Peter’s intense conversation with Hannah Brown.

Hannah Brown was just supposed to be hosting the group date, but suddenly got emotional and that’s when the scene with Peter took place. The Delta pilot said that the entire thing was “completely unplanned” and took him by surprise. Especially since Peter was still harboring feelings for Hannah at The Bachelorette: ATFR.

Did Peter Consider Walking Away From Show?

With Hannah Brown’s return, the big question is whether or not Peter Weber is going to pick her or continue his search for love on The Bachelor. “She’s always going to hold a special place in my heart,” Peter said on the subject. Although he skillfully evaded confirming or denying if they did decide to get together. Yet, if Hannah would have asked him out instead of Tyler Cameron at ATFR, he would have said “yes”.

But when Lauren Zima questioned Peter if he considered leaving if Hannah Brown asked him to, he looked to Chris Harrison for help. “Tune in next week,” Chris said to Bachelor Nation. Did the look on Peter’s face at the question confirm the possibility?

The Bachelor: Chris Harrison Teases Intense Season

This season is just starting and if you thought the first episode was dramatic, you’ll wanna stick around. Chris Harrison said, “wait until you see where this goes” about the rest of Peter Weber’s journey. He prides himself on being “100% raw” and isn’t going to be hiding his emotions. Of course, in one promo, Chris teases the ending for this season is something Bachelor Nation has never seen before. But you’re going to have to keep watching to find out.

The Bachelor airs Monday nights at 8/7c on ABC.

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