‘The Bachelor’ Spoilers: Hannah Brown Trying to Win Back Peter Weber?

The Bachelor spoilers tease Hannah Brown returning in what seems like an attempt to win back Peter Weber. In the brand new promotional footage for Peter’s season, Hannah Brown drops by and seems to say that she still has feelings for the handsome pilot. And Peter seems to feel the same way because he invites her to join the rest of his ladies in competing for his heart.

The Bachelor Spoilers: Hannah Brown Returns

Everyone’s favorite Bachelorette, Hannah Brown, returns in a Bachelor spoilers trailer for Peter Weber’s season. In the new promo, Hannah appears to be confessing that she still harbors some feelings for the upcoming Bachelor who place third on her own season.

“I’m so confused right now,” Peter Weber admits in the trailer, “what are you here?” Instead of giving him advice as she did for Demi Burnett when stopping by Bachelor in Paradise, Alabama Hannah seems to have another motive for the surprise visit. “I’m making decisions for my heart,” Hannah reveals in a one-on-one with Peter.

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Peter Weber Asks Hannah to Come Back

Not only does Hannah Brown shock Bachelor fans with her admission that she might still be in love with Peter Weber, “I know there’s still something there, and I would do anything for our relationship”. But what happens next is even more mind-blowing. “What I’m about to say is extremely crazy,” Peter says as he closes the gap between them.

“What would you say if I ask you to come be a part of the house?” He asks her while some of the other Bachelor contestants appear to be listening at the door. Hannah and Peter share a moment while the other girls start screaming.

The Bachelor Spoilers: Is Peter & Hannah Reunion a Publicity Stunt

It’s unclear whether or not Hannah Brown is actually coming back to The Bachelor to win Peter Weber over. Or, if this is just an attempt by ABC to up their ratings by promising the return of a beloved fan favorite. It could very well be the Colton Underwood wall jump of this season. Fans will tune in each week in order to catch a glimpse of Hannah that might not come until a later episode. Do you think Hannah is back to fight for Peter or for another reason?

The Bachelor returns to ABC on January 6.

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