‘The Bachelor’: Why Hannah Brown’s Returning – Is She Out to Win Peter?

The Bachelor spoilers reveal the reason Hannah Brown returned for Peter Weber’s season. According to an insider, Hannah Brown isn’t back trying to win Peter’s heart. She’s actually there to host a group date but Peter invites her to join the competition.

The Bachelor Spoilers: Hannah Brown Returns

Previews for the upcoming premiere of The Bachelor include Hannah Brown. From the promotional footage, it appears like she’s back to confess her love for Peter Weber. They’re sitting down alone when Hannah says she might still “have feelings” for him.

Then Peter asks her if she wants to come into the house. But apparently, that’s what The Bachelor production and ABC want fans to think. Insider Reality Steve spilled the tea on the premiere in a series of tweets. He spilled the beans on whether or not Hannah Brown’s joining the group of hopefuls for this season of The Bachelor.

Hannah’s Not a Contestant – Hosts a Group Date on ABC Reality Show

No, Hannah Brown is not actually swooping in and trying to rekindle her romance with Peter on The Bachelor. Although the insider says the show will definitely make fans think so. The Bachelor Season 24 premieres on January 6 and is going to be a whopping three hours long. In which, they’ll have fans believing Hannah and Peter could still be an option.

But in actuality, Hannah is just there to host on a group outing when she sits down with the newest The Bachelor male. Then, Peter asking her to join the show as a contestant will be the “cliffhanger”, says the source. On the subject of giving it another chance, “anyone can clearly see that’s not the case,” he adds, “but they’re gonna make you think she does”. So, this is just clever editing by The Bachelor production on Hannah Brown’s involvement.

The Bachelor: Hannah’s Not Getting Married Anytime Soon

In her latest Instagram post, Hannah Brown might have trolled fans a little bit. Dressed in a wedding gown for a photo shoot, she added the caption, “as close as I’m going to get to wearing a wedding dress anytime soon”. Which kind of debunks the idea that she and Peter are going to give it another shot. So, what are you hoping to see when The Bachelor returns to ABC on January 6, 2020? Check out what’s ahead for Hannah Brown and this season’s eligible man – Peter Weber.

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