‘The Bachelor’: Peter Weber Breaks Record for Most Tongue on First Episode

The Bachelor‘s season 24 episode 1 found Peter Weber opening his heart for love — and also his mouth. No doubt, he got tons of lip action already and quite a few surprises along the way. The beginning of the season is full of fireworks and drama as these ladies fight for Peter’s heart. Take a look at some of the most memorable moments from this season’s premiere of The Bachelor.

The Bachelor Recap: Peter Weber Puts His Heart Out There Again — and His Tongue Too

The Bachelor Peter Weber had his heart broken by Hannah Brown on the last season of The Bachelorette. But, the pilot is dusting himself off and getting back in the cockpit to find his co-pilot. Now, he’s got his hands full with a mansion full of ladies fighting to win him over. In the premiere, the women struggle to get noticed. Plus, they must make it through flight school to win some alone time with the handsome pilot.

However, one woman on The Bachelor has an advantage because she has met Peter once before. Chicago lawyer Kelley Flanagan met Peter a month before filming started. Kelley was at a hotel for a wedding and Peter was at his high school reunion. The two bumped into each other and there was chemistry right away. This is the reason Kelley came on the show in the first place.

Certainly, they both believe this is fate. However, Kelley will still have to bring her A-game because the competition is fierce. Certainly, southern charmer, Hannah Ann Sluss isn’t playing games and stole Peter away three times. And, she snagged herself the first impression rose from Peter Weber on The Bachelor. And, the desperate group of ladies were smooching him left and right.

Hannah Brown Returns – Shocks All

The big shocker on this season of The Bachelor is that Hannah Brown made an appearance. She showed up the first night to give Peter Weber back his wings that he gifted her in The Bachelorette. Certainly, it seemed sweet. But, she didn’t stop there. She showed up again when Peter had her orchestrate a challenge for the ladies. Certainly, it became awkward when she mentioned the four times she and Peter Weber were intimate in a windmill.

Then, it became too much for Hannah and she stepped away and got emotional. Of course, Peter went after her. And, she confessed that she questions herself all the time about sending him home. Now, Peter Weber’s terribly confused because he still has feelings for her. So, he’s considering having her join the house which won’t go over well. Obviously, this will give her a chance to win him back on The Bachelor.

The Bachelor Recap: Madison Gets Incredible First Date With Peter

Another woman who has Peter’s attention is Madison Prewett. Surely, her love of family and similar upbringing give them a lot in common. So, Peter chose Madison for the first one-on-one date and talk about pressure – it was his parent’s vow renewal. Plus on The Bachelor, Peter officiated the ceremony. But, it went amazingly well and Madison fell in love with Peter Weber’s family. Plus, they absolutely adore her. His mother, Barbara Figarola Weber told Madison right off the bat she likes her. Besides that, Madison caught Barbara’s bouquet in the traditional toss.

Then, they had an intimate dance as Tenille Arts performed live. But, Peter’s family made a surprise visit turning it into a beautiful family affair. Certainly, the three major contenders that got roses before the first rose ceremony are Hannah Ann, Kelly, and Madison. No doubt, these are the ladies to watch out for. However, anything can happen now that Hannah Brown is back on the scene.

Tune in Monday nights on ABC to see Peter Weber find his soul mate and how many more passionate lip-locks he shares along the way.

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