‘The Bachelor’: Peter Weber Rejects Cow and the Crazy – 3 Intro Stunts Saw Girls Kicked Off

The Bachelor‘s season 24 premiered last night and leading man Peter Weber sent a whopping eight women home in one rose ceremony. Although, some of them didn’t set off sparks with the hunky pilot, others might have overdone it with their limo arrivals. For example, bringing an entire strip of condoms to meet Peter for the first time. Can we talk about cringe-worthy? See three stunts that might be to blame for Peter Weber sending some of the ladies out of the mansion.

The Bachelor: Katrina’s Cat Joke Falls Flat With Peter Weber

The Bachelor Peter Weber is finding the ladies a little crazy on season 24. When making a first impression, it’s important to be memorable, but not over the top or weird. Yet, 28-year-old Katrina Badowski didn’t seem to get the memo because she prepared a semi-skanky joke for Peter Weber. This may have resulted in the most uncomfortable moment of the night for The Bachelor viewers and Peter himself — aside from Hannah Brown’s return of course.

The pro sports dancer said to the pilot, “you’re going to love my hairless p**sy…” followed by stunned silence for a painfully long moment. Thankfully, Katrina added “cat” and pulled out a picture of her hairless kitty. Then, Peter looked so relieved at the revelation. Well, it looks like Katrina’s got to see her cat sooner than planned. Because, she didn’t receive a rose last night from The Bachelor.

Peter Says Moo-ve on To Ashley P The Cow – But He’ll Get the Milk Free…

An emotional support animal is a fine thing. But a 1,500-pound cow? Jenna Serrano, a nursing student from Illinois, brought along a special bovine friend to hang out with Peter Weber for the night. She introduced The Bachelor to her friend, Ashley P, who should get her very own spot on the show because she’s so cute.

However, some of the other women thought the cow was a pony. Perhaps, because they were so obviously thirsty and hit the champagne pretty hard. Sadly, Peter eliminated Jenna at the first rose ceremony and Chris Harrison walked Ashley P to the gate at the end of the night.

But, given the overt sexual remarks by many of the contenders, even though Peter gave up the cow, he’ll get the milk for free all season long on The Bachelor.

The Bachelor: Kylie Can Take Condoms Elsewhere

One of the other ladies decided bringing a bunch of condoms would be a fantastic idea. Kylie Ramos snapped out a chain of condoms in Peter’s face. The Bachelor thought they looked exactly like the ones he keeps in his car.

So, maybe Kylie stalked the pilot to learn Peter’s preferred brand. She should’ve just stuck with one rubber and it wouldn’t have seemed as creepy. Whatever the case, she’s left the show without Peter Weber’s heart, but enough latex to stay safe. Watch Monday nights on ABC for more antics.

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