‘The Bachelor’: Mykenna Dorn & Tammy Ly Brawl – What Will Peter Weber Do?

The Bachelor teases an early ending for Mykenna Dorn and Tammy Ly‘s journey to find love. Everyone travels to Chile on the next episode. And, there’s an interesting twist. There, Mykenna and Tammy get a two-on-one date with Peter Weber. But, the outcome’s less than promising. Especially because it ends with both these ladies eliminated. Also, there’s an epic squabble at one of the cocktail parties.

The Bachelor: Emotional Mykenna Dorn Gets Her Moment – With a Twist

After so many episodes of Mykenna Dorn complaining about not getting time with Peter, it’s finally her turn. She’s going to get her special day with Peter while in Chile. But, there’s a bit of a twist. Instead of the typical one-on-one, another Bachelor contestant will join them.

Yes, it’s the awkward and dreaded two-on-one. This typically ends with one woman getting a rose and the other getting the boot. So, Mykenna and boisterous Tammy Ly compete for that Bachelor date rose. Plus, the two will also go on a group outing where they create their own Telenovela on the ABC show.

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ABC Teases Major Drama Between Tammy Ly & Mykenna

ABC teased the Tammy Ly vs Mykenna Dorn plot in the promo for the upcoming Bachelor episode. The love competition promises “feuding females” that face off “one last time”. The shows asks viewers to predict who stays and who goes.

In a new video posted on Bachelor Nation‘s YouTube, both Tammy Ly and rival Mykenna Dorn exchange some choice words. And the drama continues. Pretty ironic considering they’re making a telenovela – looks like it’s soap opera worthy lady brawl indeed on The Bachelor.

The Bachelor: Tammy & Mykenna Brawl at Cocktail Party

From what is seen in the previews, it seems like Tammy Ly and amped-up Mykenna Dorn get in a major fight. Fashion blogger Mykenna tells Tammy she’s done with her “bringing people down”. Plus, they’ve got an audience of the other love-hopefuls watching them go off on each other.

Then, she says she won’t allow Tammy Ly “to attack” her anymore. Meanwhile, Tammy shakes her head in apparent exasperation. Then, Mykenna flees the room in tears as Tammy calls: “bye b*tch”. In a moment with Tammy and Peter, the former wrestler admits someone packed her bags to leave before the group date.

She’s likely referring to Mykenna. Production leaks say that both Tammy Ly and also Mykenna Dorn exit after their big bad fight. So, be sure to watch tonight on ABC at 8 EST to see them throw down and then get thrown out.

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