‘The Bachelor’ Spoilers: Hannah Ann Sluss Wins – Confirmed by Fan Encounter?

The Bachelor spoilers reveal that current front-runner Hannah Ann Sluss wins Peter Weber’s final rose and a marriage proposal. Several sources have hinted at the possibility of Hannah Ann being the winner. One mega-fan also had a chance encounter and presents proof with a picture and what they overheard.

The Bachelor Spoilers: Leading Lady Hannah Ann Sluss

Hannah Ann Sluss has been in the middle of practically all of the drama on this season of The Bachelor. Most notably, when she popped Kelsey Weier’s special bottle of bubbly that’s been dubbed “Champagne Gate”. The outcome of which carried over into several more episodes. Bachelor Nation fans aren’t sure whether to love her or hate her.

But Hannah Sluss was also an early favorite to win it all on The Bachelor. Her instant connection with Peter Weber brought her across the country to Ohio and oceans away to Costa Rica and Chile in her quest for Peter’s heart. She went on her first one-on-one with the Delta pilot on a date throughout the city of Santiago. After, Peter Weber confessed Hannah Ann Sluss has “a lot of potential” to be the future Mrs Weber.

The Bachelor News: Hannah Ann Social Media Activity Connects Her to Peter Weber?

There has been much speculation that Madison Prewett and Hannah Ann Sluss are the two Peter Weber has to choose between at the end of The Bachelor. But there hasn’t been a clear enough sign that points to either woman yet.

However, there have been clues that Hannah Ann and Peter are together. For example, Peter went golfing with a red bag, Later, a similar-looking bag was seen in a picture with Hannah. Also, Hannah Ann Sluss has a couple of posts that hint toward her winning.

Fan Encounter Supports Hannah Ann Sluss Winning Theory

A Bachelor fan posted a video to her TikTok account retelling encountering Hannah at a restaurant. It happened in Knoxville, where she lives. The fan happened to be seated at a table next to Hannah Ann and possibly her sister when she overheard some major details pertaining to the show. The fan posted a picture of The Bachelor contestant at the restaurant to confirm her encounter.

According to the fan, Hannah Ann Sluss facetimed with a guy who “sounded like Peter” while there and talked about apartments and moving in together. They also reportedly exchanged “I love you’s”. The eavesdropping fan is a huge Bachelor fan and knows Peter’s voice.


Does Hannah Ann Sluss Win The Bachelor?

So, as of this moment, there’s a lot of signs pointing to Hannah Ann being the last woman standing at the end of the season. But we also know that Peter’s ending is “unique” as he has said in several interviews. Which could mean that the woman he proposes to isn’t the one he ends up with. Or that something major happens to change his mind at the last minute. Yet, we won’t know for sure until we see it all play out on television.

The Bachelor airs Monday nights on ABC.

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