‘Bachelor’ Spoilers: Peter Weber’s Mom Barbara Finally Reveals Who She Wants Son to Keep

The Bachelor spoilers tease the identity of the woman Peter Weber’s mom Barbara Weber doesn’t want him to let go. ABC plays the clip at every opportunity and it’s become the equivalent to Colton Underwood jumping the fence last season. But Bachelor fans just needs to know if Barbara is talking about Hannah Ann Sluss or Madison Prewett. And it’s happening during the two-night finale episode starting tonight at 8 pm.

The Bachelor Spoilers: Barbara Weber Tells Peter Weber “Don’t Let Her Go”

For the entirety of this season, The Bachelor promos have been teasing an iconic moment. It’s between Peter Weber and his mother Barbara Weber and it’s intense. We all know that Chris Harrison has been saying even Peter doesn’t know how his season will end. But in an emotional moment between Peter and Barbara, she says a line we can all quote from memory by now.

“Don’t let her go,” Barb says in tears and Peter’s not far from it. “Bring her home,” she said, “bring her home to us.”

The his mom added “That is what love stories are made out of,” she adds. This is the scene that The Bachelor has been leading up to. In fact, it’s reached Colton Underwood’s wall jump level need-to-know. It’s driving fans mad trying to figure out which woman she’s referring too. Is it Madison Prewett or Hannah Ann Sluss?

Madison Prewett Has a Leg Up on Hannah Ann Sluss

Although nothing is certain until it airs on ABC, Barbara Weber might be talking about Madison Prewett. If you remember way back at the beginning of The Bachelor season 24, Peter Weber had a one-on-one with Madison. Their date consisted of attending Peter’s father and Barbara’s vowel renewals and Madison got to meet the Delta pilot’s family.

It seemed like everyone got off to a good start and that makes us think Barb is leaning towards Madison. She hasn’t met Hannah Ann Sluss yet, but that’s supposed to play out on tonight’s Bachelor finale part one in Australia.

The Bachelor Spoilers: Peter Weber Keeps Falling Apart

Peter Weber hasn’t had an easy road on his journey for love. And it’s not over because we’re at the final two and Peter appears to be getting extremely emotional. In every clip from the dramatic promo for the two-night finale, Peter is either in tears or looks like he’s about to be.

He has to be emotionally drained by this point. Peter admits he thinks he’s going to “pass out” when Chris Harrison tells him “there’s something I just found out”. What did the host share with Peter right before the final rose ceremony?

Watch The Bachelor tonight on ABC to find out.

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