‘The Bachelor’: Who Are the 3 Flight Attendants Flying with Peter Weber on Season 24?

The Bachelor premieres tonight on ABC and 3 of Peter Weber‘s ladies share his love of flying. Megan Hops, Eunice Cho, and Jade Gilliland are all flight attendants. This could very well give them an edge over the other contestants. Especially because Peter’s dad was a pilot and his mom was a flight attendant. Will any of these ladies catch his eye?

The Bachelor: Meet Stewardess Megan Hops

26-year-old Megan Hops hails from the San Francisco and is a third-generation flight attendant. Both her mother and her grandmother are flight attendants. Plus, Megan currently works for United Airlines with her mother whom she refers to as her, “best friend”.

According to Megan’s Bachelor profile, the blonde is “incredibly hopeful” about her upcoming experience. She’s also looking for a man that loves his career just as much as she does. Megan wants someone that will join her and take spontaneous trips, especially to Portland where her family lives. It sounds like something she and Peter Weber can definitely bond over. If Hannah Brown’s return doesn’t get in the way.


Eunice Cho Works for the Same Airline as Megan

Eunice Cho is described as, “a reformed party girl who is ready to get serious about settling down”. The 23-year-old Chicago flight attendant is actually afraid of flying but loves the lifestyle. Will that cause turbulence with Bachelor Peter Weber who lives to fly?

She also happens to work for United Airlines, the same company Megan Hops is employed with. Chris Harrison even revealed they knew each other before The Bachelor. According to Eunice herself, she steps out of the limo donning angel wings and maybe just a little bit tipsy on ouzo.

The Bachelor: Meet Jade Gilliland

Last, but certainly not least, is Mesa, Arizona native Jade Gilliland. Similarly to Eunice, Jade also has some fear in the sky. Her Bachelor Nation biography says she’s got a “fear of heights”. But she’s shooting for a private pilot’s license and that sets her apart from the other women. Maybe Peter Weber will choose her as his co-pilot for life.

On the other hand, some truths came to light when Jade was announced as a contestant. She used to be married and her ex’s sister blasted her on social media after the cast reveal. She had only been divorced for “four months” before coming onto the show. But her ex made his own statement claiming he’s “happy for her”. Yet, will the drama tank or increase her chances with Peter?

The Bachelor season 24 premieres Monday on ABC at 8.

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