‘Survivor: Winners at War’: Kim Spradlin Returns – Has Never Played Against Other Castaways

Survivor star Kim Spradlin is back for another Sole Survivor crown in the highly anticipated Survivor: Winners at War. Her social game helped her win One World but since then a lot has changed for the Texas native. So what sets her aside from the rest of the legends competing?

Survivor: Kim Spradlin Didn’t Start Out Strong on ‘One World’

At the beginning of Survivor season 24 One World, Kim Spradlin wasn’t a standout castaway. It wasn’t until a little bit later in the game that the then 29-year-old Kim started really playing. She purposefully performed poorly in challenges to get a strategic advantage in the Survivor game.

Kim Spradlin got close with a majority of her tribemates and joined an all-girls alliance. Her gameplay eventually put her into the Survivor Hall of Fame. with other greats like Boston Rob, Parvati Shallow and Sandra Diaz-Twine.

Survivor: Kim Spradlin - Survivor40 - Winners at War

After the tribe swap, Kim became the leader of another alliance. By the merge, she had turned into a crucial part of both alliances and was playing both sides. Not only that, but she revealed a hidden talent for immunity challenges, winning the last four out of five. She also had a Hidden Immunity Idol in her back pocket. Kim was crowned the Sole Survivor in a 7-2-0 vote and was also declared the season’s Fan Favorite earning an extra $100,000.

The Survivor Winner was Arrested at DMV and Thrown in the Slammer – Now Has Funny Story?

In 2014, Kim Spradlin was making headlines once again, yet not in a positive way. Kim was arrested at her San Antonio DMV. She was changing her name after she was married and there was was an arrest warrant out for a person fitting her description with her birthday and same first name, Kimberly. The Survivor winner was taken into custody and held in jail for 8 hours, until she paid a $1,500 bail.

The million dollar Survivor winner was mistakenly arrested for bouncing checks. It was just a “little” mix up that sent Kim to the slammer and was soon resolved.

Kim Spradlin Returns as a Mother to play ‘Winners at War’

Not only did Kim Spradlin marry her fiance Bryan Wolfe after winning Survivor, the couple share 3 children: 5-year-old Michael Thomas, 4-year-old August Jane, and 3-year-old Walt. She’s returning to the island with a couple of extra tricks up her sleeve. Maybe she can use her new skills as a mother to improve her game. Which champion are you rooting for?

One disadvantage that Kim may have is that it’s been 10 years since she played One World. She’s only played one season of Survivor and has never played with any of the other players. So, she may not have the bonds that other’s players have that know each other. She may have to rely on friendships she’s built with other players at fan events.

Survivor: Winners at War premieres Wednesday, February 12 at 8 on CBS.

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