‘Survivor’ Spoilers: Sarah Lacina Hosts Fashion Show on ‘Winners at War’

Survivor spoilers tease Sarah Lacina creating her own clothing line for island fashion on Winners at War. When they aren’t competing in challenges or strategizing, the castaways have to do something to pass the time. So, what could be more fun than a little fashion show on the beach?

Survivor Spoilers: Winners at War – Sarah Lacina Says She’s More Than a Cop

In a sneak peek for this week’s episode “This Is Extortion” Sarah Lacina has an interesting hobby on the island. But first, she explains that she’s not just a cop. While painting some fabric, the Survivor: Game Changers champion asks herself “what happens after Sarah Lacina’s a cop?”

She says, “A lot of people think I’m just smart and funny and pretty, but I’m actually really creative”. Sarah then reveals that she can “make clothes” which is what she’s painting in the Survivor: Winners at War preview.  The Koru tribe is about to model Sarah’s clothes with a runway and all.

Koru Ladies Show Off Sarah’s Island Clothing Line

Not only did Sarah Lacina create some new looks for some of her tribemates, but she’s also going to have them walk the runway and model them for the boys. But Sarah says that the whole thing is actually a part of her Survivor “social game”. “My social game is really great,” she says. Her alliance partner Sophie Clarke takes the role of the MC for the fashion show.

The ladies are taking this pretty seriously because they’ve actually created a runway out of sticks and logs. Plus, they do their best impressions of professional models while showing off Sarah’s Survivor “Fiji Line”. It’s a nice break from the game and everyone besides Tony Vlachos seems to enjoy it.

Survivor: Tony Vlachos Focused on Game

Tony Vlachos tells Sarah Lacina “my pants would sell way faster than that skirt you made”. When she asks him to strut the runway in an outfit, Tony declines. He’s focused on playing the game and isn’t interested in having fun with the rest of the group.

He and Sarah make up the Cops R Us alliance, but she points out they have “two different” styles of playing. “I wanna do damage,” Tony says in his defense. He isn’t content to pause the game. But will it end up causing his downfall?

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