‘Survivor’: Is This the End of Tony Vlachos and Sarah Lacina’s Cops-R-Us Alliance’?

Survivor‘s Sarah Lacina and Tony Vlachos‘ longtime alliance may be coming to an end in the upcoming episode of Winners at War. Last week, Tony pulled off a major blindside that eliminated Sarah’s other closest ally. And he did it all behind her back in a last-minute move. So, what’s Sarah going to do when she finds out?

Survivor: Winners at War – Tony Vlachos Flips Votes

Originally, Jeremy Collins was going to be the next Survivor castaway banished to the Edge of Extinction. Sarah Lacina and Sophie Clarke came up with a backup idea to give Michele Fitzgerald two votes in case Jeremy plays an idol. At least, that was the plan before Tony Vlachos pulled the rug out from underneath his own alliance by changing the gameplan.

He told Jeremy about the blindside right before Tribal Council and offered an alternative: voting out Sophie instead. They got Michele and Nick Wilson to vote with them and the rest of the tribe was shocked when Survivor host Jeff Probst snuffed out Sophie’s torch.

Winners At War: Is the Cops-R-Us Alliance Over?

Tony Vlachos and Sarah Lacina have played all three of their Survivor seasons together. First, they started off on Cagayan where the Cops R’ Us alliance was formed. Although winner Tony did vote her out when he didn’t have a choice. Then the two both appeared on Game Changers, Tony getting voted out first and Sarah winning the million dollars.

So, when both former champions returned for Survivor‘s monumental season Winners at War, it was obvious they’d try to work together. In the beginning, things were going well, but the old Tony Vlachos is coming out to play. And Sarah Lacina might not like what that means now that she cannot control her alliance partner.

Survivor: Sarah Finds Out About Tony’s Betrayal

This week’s episode entitled “Friendly Fire” teases that “alliances may crumble after a tribal blindside”. In a preview for the nail-biting Survivor episode, Sarah Lacina confronts Tony Vlachos after his betrayal. “You just sunk my game,” Sarah says to him. “I’m done”. Plus, it looks like she’s cutting ties with him. She also says, “Do not talk to me ever again”.

But  Tony doesn’t seem to be discouraged. He’s still kicking it into high gear. He’s climbing and hiding in trees to spy on the other players which has been working for him so far. Will he be able to avoid the kickback from his latest move?

Winners at War airs Wednesday at 8 ET on CBS.

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