‘Survivor’ Spoilers: Tony Vlachos Plays Double Agent – Jeremy Collins Says Everyone’s Lying

Survivor: Winners at War spoilers show Tony Vlachos is attempting to become a double agent in this week’s episode. But it looks like Jeremy Collins might be on to the other man’s masterplan. Because he says that everyone is telling lies at this point and Tony’s just so happens to be the biggest one of them all. The tribe has split into two groups and the war is heating up. Who will be left when the smoke clears?

Survivor Spoilers: The Battle is Back On

Last week’s loved one’s visit proved to be a break in the war for the season of Survivor champions. An early visit from the family members caused the players to put their game on pause to spend some much-needed time with their loved ones. In a truly momentous season, even the Edge of Extinction dwellers got to reunite with those they love the most in a heartwarming episode.

But at the end of the day, they still had to vote out one of their own. In another wild Survivor Tribal Council filled with conspiratorial whispers, actual battle lines were drawn. Tony Vlachos, Sophie Clarke, Sarah Lacina, Nick Wilson, and Ben Driebergen made up one side. Kim Spradlin-Wolfe, Michele Fitzgerald, Denise Stapley, Jeremy Collins, and Tyson Apostol made up the other.

Jeremy and Sarah both tried to play their powers at the same time, but the former ended up going first. He used his Survivor Safety Without Power advantage and left tribal without a vote. Meanwhile, Sarah played her Steal A Vote on Denise leaving the other alliance in the minority with numbers. Yet, Kim had an immunity idol that she used on Denise. But it was actually Tyson that ended up getting most of the votes and being booted.

Survivor: Winners at War – Tony Vlachos Goes Rogue

In a move only Tony Vlachos would pull, the New Jersey police officer is going undercover as a double agent. In this week’s Survivor: Winners at War episode “This Is Extortion,” the Cagayan winner is going rogue. Tony is going to infiltrate the other side of the tribe in order to do some major damage.

As the season goes on, Tony is slowly turning back into the villainous character from his early Survivor days. “I’ve been waiting patiently for long enough,” says Tony. But now he has the opportunity to “flip-flop”. He isn’t content with sitting around anymore and is getting closer and closer to going “full Tony”. And it looks like Kim Spradlin is on to him. Will this help or hurt his chance at the two million dollars?

Jeremy Collins Is Losing It

Life on the island and game paranoia is having a negative effect on Jeremy Collins. In the preview for this week’s Survivor episode, the firefighter says, “No one’s telling the truth. I am losing my mind”. He did leave his alliance high and dry at the last Tribal Council, so it wouldn’t be surprising that he’s at the bottom of the totem pole. Is he going to be the next castaway booted to the Edge of Extinction?

Winners at War airs Wednesday at 8/7c on CBS.

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