‘Survivor’ Spoilers: Who Goes to ‘Island of the Idols’ – Dean Kowalski, Dan Spilo, or Tommy Sheehan?

Survivor spoilers reveal that Dan Spilo, Tommy Sheehan, or Dean Kowalski goes to Island of the Idols. Someone getting a chance at an advantage that very well could change the course of the game. From the latest preview, it would be easy to assume that it’s another trip to ‘Island of the Idols’. But only three of the remaining castaways have yet to get the opportunity. Tommy Sheehan, Dan Spilo, and Dean Kowalski haven’t been lucky enough to be picked. Yet, it could be the very thing they need to survive the next Tribal Ceremony.

Survivor Spoilers: Mysterious Boat Bringing Castaway to ‘Island of the Idols’?

In the preview for this week’s episode, “Just Go For It” a boat arrives and appears to drop off a mysterious pouch. Janet Carbin read a scroll, “sometimes it comes down to chance, draw one name”. Which could mean a number of different things, from a surprise challenge to a lottery reward.

But it seems most likely that it’s to decide who gets to go to Survivor’Island of the Idols next. Noura Salman, Lauren Beck, Elaine Stott, and Janet Carbin have already been exiled. Noura lost her challenge, both Lauren and Elaine won, and Janet chose not to play. That leaves Dean Kowalski, Tommy Sheehan, and Dan Spilo to choose from.

Tommy Sheehan, Dean Kowalski & Dan Spilo’s Gameplay

So far Tommy Sheehan has won nine different challenges and only has two votes against him over the course of the Survivor. Tommy appears to have a solid position in the tribe and knows how to read situations. On the other hand, Dean Kowalski only has two challenge wins and was almost booted earlier this season of Survivor had he not played a Hidden Immunity Idol. Since then, Dean has remained under the radar.

Then, there’s Dan Spilo, who is the face behind a lot of the controversy this season, yet has made it this far. However, players on the island have no idea the social media storm that was blowing up against Dan.

Similarly to Dean, Dan was also only targeted at one tribal council and was only spared due to a bigger plan to boot Kellee Kim, the one who accused him of inappropriate touching.

Survivor Spoilers: Challenge Could Change the Game

If the promo footage is in fact about a trip to Island of the Idols it has the possibility to change everything. Obviously, the most coveted reward for winning Sandra Diaz-Twine and Boston Rob’s challenge would be an immunity idol. But it probably won’t be easy, especially this far along in the game when every single move matters. Yet, since the title of the episode is about going for it, that might explain everything. Although if the castaway loses, will their punishment cost them everything?

Survivor airs tomorrow night at 8/7c on CBS!

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