‘Survivor’: Who’s Left to Root For After ‘Me-Too’ Manipulations and Many Lies?

Survivor: Island of the Idols contestants Missy Byrd and Elizabeth Beisel used Kellee Kim‘s discomfort around Dan Spilo for their own gain. Kellee said that Dan’s constant touching made her uncomfortable, so Elizabeth and Missy jumped on board and said “Me Too”, about feeling the same way when they didn’t. To make things worse, at tribal, Aaron tried to “mansplain” how it wasn’t happening because he and the other alpha males would have known. And it gets worse, because Jamal and Janet became targets for speaking up in support of Kellee Kim.

So, who’s left to root for on Survivor after so many of the castaways showed their true colors?

Survivor: Missy Byrd & Elizabeth Beisel Turn ‘Me-Too’ into ‘Disgusting’ Game Move

In an attempt to have smaller targets on their backs, Elizabeth Beisel and Missy Byrd lied about Dan Spilo making them feel uncomfortable. Both Elizabeth Beisel and also Missy Byrd played up their interactions with Dan Spilo to Kellee Kim, who had confided in them her feelings about Dan being “extremely inappropriate”. Survivor producers stepped in to have private talks with every contestant after she voiced her concerns.

Then, Kellee Kim went to the tribe matriarch Janet Carbin and told her about the situation. Janet was very sympathetic and promised she would confront Dan if he did anything else. But then Elizabeth and Missy embellished their feelings to Janet. This was to ensure Dan Spilo would get voted out of Survivor. They even basically admitted to it after the tribal council that snuffed out Kellee’s torch. And now they’re taking a lot of heat from fans for their actions.

Lauren Beck & Tommy Sheenan Plot Against Kellee Kim – Dean Stabs Her in the Back

During all of this mayhem, Lauren Beck and Tommy Sheenan were putting into place a plan to blindside Kellee Kim. The two of them convinced Missy that Kellee was actually putting her name out there. Which quickly caused several of the other Survivor castaways to flip their votes to Kellee.

Even Dean Kowalski, who Kellee gave a Survivor idol to last week that saved his game, decided to vote with the majority. If he didn’t he feared that they would think his disloyal and go after him next. Then, Lauren said she was, “not comfortable with the way things were coming to light”. It was a slap to the face to Kellee, who’s experience Lauren was discrediting.

Survivor: Aaron Meredith ‘Mansplains’ How The Women Were Wrong

When Jeff Probst opened the discussion at the next Survivor tribal council, the conversation immediately centered around Dan Spilo. That’s when Aaron Meredith voiced his support for Dan Spilo in a way that made even the Queen herself, Sandra Diaz-Twine, cringe. Aaron said that if Dan had really been doing what Kellee claimed, then he, Tommy Sheenan or Dean Kowalski would have known. The funny thing is, they all knew. Production had talked to everyone about it. Aaron choose not to believe it, or choose to ignore it for game play.

Janet Carbin was the Survivor castaway that took the brunt of Aaron’s words.

“The victim role is being assumed by Janet,” Aaron explained in front of the entire Survivor tribe. “She’s trying to spin this into something that could potentially affect the life of Dan”.

To Aaron’s credit, he was the first castaway to apologize after the show aired. Whether he saw things in a different light after seeing the Survivor episode or had time to reflect can’t be known. But, he was the first, and that prompted other’s to come also apologize. But would they have apologized if it wasn’t for Aaron?

Survivor: Who’s Left For Fans to Root For?

So many of the remaining players have made some pretty questionable moves in the last two episodes. Some Survivor fans aren’t even sure who to root for anymore and are rooting against a lot of the contestants in the whole debacle. But a few are still loved, or at least respected, by the show’s hardcore fans.

Janet Carbin‘s sacrifice to do what’s right instead of what was best for her game is very admirable. She has a lot of support among the Survivor fan base.

Noura Salman, who similarly to Janet, voted Dan Spilo because of the girls saying he made them uncomfortable came out of the situation unscathed. But her inability to keep her mouth shut and not let out secrets has lost her some support. But, Noura came to play. She was the only castaway to volunteer to go to Island of the Idols.

Karishma Patel appeared to side with Janet. She told the group she didn’t think Janet was “spinning” a story. However, she doesn’t have much of a Survivor resume as she has lost almost every challenge she participated in. She has made it far in the game simply because there were bigger targets to get out and she’s not considered a threat. However, Karishma has performed respectably in physical challenges. She hasn’t won any, but has sometimes finished in the top of the pack.

Jamal Shipman got booted after making a moving speech about Kellee’s situation. Kellee Kim wasn’t allowed to speak for herself because she was on the jury.

Is anyone worthwhile left to win Survivor? Who are you rooting for from this point on?

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