‘Survivor’ Spoilers: Kelle Kim Heads To ‘Island of the Idols’ Next – Will She Accept The Challenge?

Survivor spoilers reveal Kellee Kim as the next castaway to visit Island of the Idols. Elizabeth Beisel was the first one to meet Boston Rob and Sandra Diaz-Twine, but Kellee will be next. According to Survivor spoilers for the next episode “YOLO, Let’s Play!” Kellee arrives on Idol Island, shocked to see the two legends currently inhabiting it. But the real question is whether or not she leaves with an advantage in her back pocket.

Survivor Spoilers: Meet Harvard Grad Kellee Kim

Not only did Kellee Kim graduate from Harvard University with a Bachelor’s degree in History of Science, but Kellee also has an MBA. That’s a Master’s in Business Administration for those of us that don’t know. Which means that Kellee is incredibly smart but with a degree from Harvard, she kind of has to be. But as fans know, it takes more than book smarts to win Survivor. Does Kellee also have street smarts?

Kellee Kim currently resides in the San Fransisco Bay Area and works as an associate at the Lincoln Property Company. But right now she’s competing on Survivor for the million-dollar grand prize.

She’s Flying Under The Radar For Now

Kellee Kim is pretty smart and also a huge germaphobe. She revealed her fear of germs after one her fellow Survivor castaways Dan Spilo got a little too touchy with her. She was encouraged to talk to Dan by her Vokai tribemates and explain the reasoning behind her discomfort with him getting in her personal space. Talking a player into confronting another player is a classic game move, and Kellee fell for it. However, it appears Dan took it well and no damage was done, but it could come back to bite her later.

But besides that, Kellee Kim is remaining on the down-low for now. While she didn’t stand out in the first challenge, she didn’t cause any problems for her tribe either. In fact, her tribe Vokai won the challenge and weren’t forced to vote anyone out.

Survivor Spoilers: Kellee Goes To ‘Island of the Idols’

It appears that the name Elizabeth Beisel randomly drew in last week’s episode was Kellee Kim’s. Now, it’s her turn to travel to the secret island and learn some possibly game-changing info from some of the best.

Once stepping foot on IOI, Kellee is shell-shocked when she sees Sandra and Boston Rob. But what are they going to teach her and will she be able to put her skills to the test to win an advantage in the game?

Find out this Wednesday at 8 pm on CBS

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