‘Survivor’: Janet Carbin Breaks Huge Show Record

Survivor castaway Janet Carbin is breaking records on Island of the Idols. This week marks the merge and the 59-year-old grandmother is officially the oldest woman to ever make it this far. Janet has beaten the odds stacked against her and is only just starting to show her true skill and intelligence. But there’s another glass ceiling that Janet could potentially shatter this season: becoming the oldest castaway to ever be the Sole Survivor.

Survivor: Island of the Idols – Janet Carbin Proves Her Worth

Janet Carbin is proving herself to be a big asset to her tribe. Not only is she in shape for her age, but she also isn’t letting her fellow Survivor castaways push her around. But she’s just now showing that she possesses a strategic mind. The chief lifeguard from Palm Bay, Florida made a hard choice in the latest episode.

Janet Carbin was the next to visit Island of the Idols and faced a seemingly impossible decision. Boston Rob and Sandra Diaz-Twine offered her the chance to win safety, yet she would have to leave tribal council early and couldn’t vote. If she lost, she would lose her vote and safety. So, Janet made the choice to not play and stay in her alliance’s good graces. She’s the first to refuse to participate in the Mentor’s Challenge.

Janet Carbin Breaks Record

In the next episode, both tribes will merge into one and it will be every castaway for themselves. But Janet Carbin is breaking a record just by still being on the island for it. She’s officially the oldest female Survivor contestant to make the merge. Which is huge for a game show where the older women tend to be picked off first.

The previous castaway that held the title is Kim Johnson who competed on Survivor: Africa. She was 57 years old at the time and was also the oldest woman to make a Final Tribal Council. In which she came in second place.

One of the oldest players to make it far in the game was Rudy Boesch. At 72-years-old Rudy made it into the final 3 on Survivor: Borneo. And he set the record for the oldest player when returned to play Survivor: All-Stars (Pearl Islands Panama) at the age of 75. Sadly Rudy Boesch passed away this month at the age of 91.

Survivor: Will She Break Another Record?

Now that she’s made the merge, Janet Carbin is well on her way to making some more Survivor history. While she could break Kim’s record for the oldest woman at Tribal Council, there’s even more at stake for the Florida native. If Janet becomes the Sole Survivor, she would be the oldest person to ever hold the title, out of any man or woman to ever play. She’d be taking Bob Crowley’s crown, who won at 57. Which might make the million dollars that much sweeter. Do you think Janet can make it all the way to the end?

Survivor airs Wednesday nights at 8 pm on CBS

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