‘Survivor’: Women Teaming Up Against The Men – Leads To Dramatic Tribal Council?

Survivor spoilers tease the female castaways are planning on strengthening their alliances. This week’s episode, “I Was Born at Night, But Not Last Night,” appears to be all about girl power. In both Lairo and Vokai tribes, the Island of the Idol men are outnumbered. Which gives the women the majority vote and basically all of the power. Will they be able to work together to remain in power, or will their alliances crumble at tribal council?

Survivor Spoilers: Vokai Tribe Ladies Remain Strong

Even with the tribe swap two weeks ago, Vokai women Missy Byrd, Elaine Stott, Elizabeth Beisel, and Lauren Beck are still dominating the game. Despite previous alliances being split up, the new group has managed to find common ground. Which is the fact that they are all connected by their desire to prove themselves as women in the Survivor game. Giving them ample reason to team up with one another and take out the guys.

Because Vokai lost the immunity challenge in the last Survivor episode, they were forced to boot someone at tribal council. So, the ladies, besides Lauren who voted Elaine, teamed up to vote out Jason Linden, the personal injury lawyer. Now, they outnumber the men 4-3 and it doesn’t seem like they’re backing down.

The Women Of Lairo Want Their ‘Own Game’

Also making up the majority of their Survivor Lairo tribe are the women: Noura Salman, Kellee Kim, Karishma Patel, and Janet Carbin. This pack of strong females is actively working together. In the Survivor spoilers promo for the next episode, Noura is working really hard to keep all of the Survivor Lairo women together.

“We are smart women,” says Noura in one conversation to Janet and Karishma. In another, the 36-year-old entrepreneur urges Kellee to, “start having our own game.” Which might be alluding to the fact that guys are trying to make all of the moves on Survivor. Yet, Kellee, Noura, Karishma, and Janet also outnumber them 4-3. So, in reality, they make up the majority of the votes.

Survivor: Jeff Probst Says He’s ‘Never Had a Tribal Like This’

Whatever the case this week, the end result is a tribal council that has apparently happened before on Survivor. Even Jeff Probst says, “I’ve never had a tribal like this ever”. But it doesn’t seem like a compliment from the sound of Jeff’s voice, which doesn’t seem remotely happy. So, what goes down at tribal council in the next episode that has never happened in the history of the show?

Tune in to Survivor on CBS at 8 pm on Wednesday to find out.

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