‘Survivor’ Votes Out Kellee Kim – Keeps In Creepy Touching Dan Spilo

Survivor fans reeled when Kellee Kim was voted out while her harasser Dan Spilo was saved. CBS viewers watched all season long as talent manager Dan skeeved out several female cast members. It was caught on camera, and who knows how much unwelcome Dan Spilo touching the ladies never made it to air.

Survivor Fans Disgusted with Dan Spilo & Conspiring Females

A quick gut check of social media shows growing outrage over this week’s Survivor episode. The consensus on social media is they hope Dan Spilo and the women that lied and conspired with him were jobless once they got home.

And Jeff Probst did many interviews about this episode. No doubt, CBS anticipated the firestorm. For the reality show to not intervene in a more meaningful way disturbs many Survivor watchers.

Kellee Kim In Horrible Position – Did CBS Do Enough?

It seems Kellee Kim was put in a no-win situation on Survivor. When Dan Spilo touched her without permission (again and again), she spoke up. But, he still didn’t stop. And CBS production seemed to let it go on. Eventually, when they did step in, Dan blamed and targeted Kellee Kim.

On Survivor, Kellee found herself in the same situation many harassed women do in the workplace. After asking Dan to stop touching her, and he doesn’t, what is she supposed to do? Kellee knew that if she spoke out against Dan, when he wouldn’t stop would put a target on her back.

Dan Spilo was got in a parting shot when he got Kellee voted off Survivor. He said “Yeah, put that torch down,” when successfully voted out Kellee.

Survivor: Dan Spilo: Island of the Idols

Making things worse, other Survivor women in the game did Kellee dirty instead of standing strong. And them siding with Dan Spilo gave him a pass for his overly handsy antics.

Kellee Kim told Dan Spilo not to touch her more than once. Yet, he kept at it. He persisted with this pattern of unwelcome behavior that put her in a no-win spot. Yes, the integrity of the game itself matters, but at what cost? Is Survivor in the wrong here?

The Woman on Survivor Lying

Another disturbing aspect of this Survivor episode was the women lying. It’s one thing to lie about alliances and votes, but it’s another to lie and accuse someone of touching or sexual harassment.

On Survivor, Elizabeth Beisel said that she had never had any problems with Dan Spilo and touching. However, Missy Byrd to Elizabeth to tell Janet Carbin “how uncomfortable you are” with Dan. Elizabeth Beisel in her confessional said “it’s all about the numbers,” and added “if I can play up that card in whatever way possible, I’ll do it.”

Then, Elizabeth took it a step further to seal the deception and told Kellee that Dan would put her hand on her and would ask “Is this okay?”. Elizabeth put her hand near her crotch and indicated that Dan Spilo was putting his hand between her hip and groin.

Survivor: Elizabeth Beisel - Touching - Island of the Idols

Now, a problem was created when some of the women were caught lying, it gave Dan somewhat of a pass because if one person was lying, then maybe all of them are lying. The castaways had no way of knowing who was lying and who wasn’t, and this gave Dan the cover he needed.

Janet Carbin Feels Blindsided – Aaron Meredith Supports Dan Spilo

At the earlier Survivor tribal council, Janet Carbin sided with the women (not knowing that some of them were lying) and voted against Dan. Janet knew this would put a target on her back, but was willing to risk the one-million dollar prize to do what she thought was right. She was so disgusted about the whole situation after she found out that some of the women were using the issue to play her that she almost self-evicted from the game. But most Survivor fans on social media are showing much love for Janet Carbin and her courage.

At the second tribal of the two-hour Survivor episode, Aaron Meredith said that Dan could not have been touching women inappropriately because if it was a real tribal concern then “I [Aaron] would have been involved, Tommy would have been involved, and Dean would have been involved.”

Aaron basically told Jeff Probst that if the men didn’t know about the Dan Spilo situation, then it didn’t exist. Sandra Sandra Diaz-Twine said “Uh-Oh, Aaron” as she was hiding out watching with Boston Rob. She know that Aaron was sticking his foot into his mouth.

Jamal Shipman Stands Up for Kellee and Gets Voted Out

Jamal Shipman was the only man to speak up for Kellee Kim. He said that this is what happens in the real world. Jamal said that “when a women brings up a charge and people want to negate whether it’s legitimate they say ‘like well, if it was such a big issue, then she would have brought it up [earlier]’.”

Jamal added, “We are not entitled to know things, just because we are men”. It’s safe to assume that if Jamal was talking this way at tribal, then he was also talking that way in camp. Speaking out against Dan could be what put a target on his back and was his downfall. While conversations in the camp were not aired, it had to have been a hot topic as production had to speak to every player individually and Dan specifically.

Should Survivor Have Ejected Dan Spilo?

Many fans are questioning why Survivor didn’t do more to protect Keller Kim. When Dan Spilo didn’t keep his hands to himself after a first warning, why didn’t production step in back then. Not only was he putting his hands where they weren’t welcome, but he put her game at risk.

Imagine if instead of fondling Kellee Kim that Dan Spilo was pinching her. How many painful pinches would it take before Survivor ejected him from the game for abuse? In the past, the CBS show allowed bad behavior without ejection.

Physical threats, nulling of naked genitals on other players, and other shenanigans were tolerated. This could wind up as another of those cases where CBS pays off an ousted contestant.

Already in his interviews, Jeff Probst hinted Survivor would invite Kellee Kim back to play again. As for Dan Spilo, he’s got to face the count of public opinion. Vocal fans are already shouting they hope Dan and the women who enabled him find themselves fired back home.

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