‘Survivor’: 5 Secrets the ‘Island of the Idols’ Castaways Want to Keep Hidden

Survivor 39 is all about strategy and a few of the newest castaways are getting a headstart in their games. Several of them are planning on keeping some secrets about their personal lives because of assumptions. It can be a smart move as other competitors could see their secret as a reason to target them. But sometimes it can backfire if the person can’t keep up with the lie they’ve created. So, what things are this fall’s castaways keeping to themselves?

Survivor: Jason Linden Keeping His Career Under Wraps

32-year-old Jason Linden hails from New York City and has a passion for the game of Survivor. But he also happens to be a personal injury lawyer in Midtown Manhattan where he owns his own law firm Linden Law. Jason graduated from The George Washington University with a Bachelor of Business Degree. Then earned a Juris Doctorate Degree from Brooklyn Law School

It’s safe to say that Jason has to be pretty smart, which is a dangerous trait for others to face in the game. His numerous awards and recognitions back up the claim. So he’s probably better off pretending to have a job in a less threatening field.

Kellee Kim Plans On Hiding Her ‘Pedigree’

Kellee Kim is afraid of her education background getting her into trouble with the other Survivor castaways. She’s decided she’ll be better off if she keeps it a secret. Kellee thinks that people will already assume that she’s intelligent due to her Asian heritage. Which others could use to stereotype her as a genius. Although she did attend Harvard University, which means she is incredibly smart.

Not to mention that she also got her Master of Business Administration Degree from The Wharton School. Wharton is the world’s oldest collegiate school for business. So, it might be a good idea to keep some of that to herself to have a smaller target on her back.

Ronnie Bardah’s Playing ‘Survivor’ With His Poker Face

Professional poker player Ronnie Bardah is going to bluff the rest of this season’s castaways to become the Sole Survivor. The Henderson, Nevada resident just so happens to be well-known in the poker world. He holds the record for consecutive wins in the World Series of Poker main event money finishes. His streak started in 2012 and ended in 2014, making him a five-time winner.

Ronnie says that people assume poker players, “lie, we bluff, we’re very strategic”. All of which might be true. But Ronnie isn’t taking any chances on the road to one million dollars. Which is why he’s not planning on telling the others about his card-playing skills.

Dean Kowalski Doesn’t Want To Appear ‘Slimy’

28-year-old Dean Kowalski from Westfield, New Jersey doesn’t want to share his salesman background. He graduated from Columbia University, earning a Bachelor of Arts in Economics. Dean also has a Master’s Degree from John Hopkins Education and Secondary Mathematics.

Currently, Dean works for Google as a New Business Accelerator in New York. But he’s taking a break to compete on Survivor: Island of the Idols. He plans on keeping his career a secret. His reasoning being, “when I think salesman, I think sleazy, slimy, strategizing somehow”.

Survivor: Elizabeth Beisel Is Leaving Her Olympic Medals At Home

Having a silver and bronze medal for swimming from the Olympics is something Elizabeth Beisel is keeping to herself. The Rhode Island native competed in three Olympics starting when she was only fifteen. But Elizabeth says she’s not going to, “announce I’m an Olympian”. Which is probably the best move for her in the game because there are challenges that involve swimming. Do you think these castaways will be able to keep their secrets?

Survivor returns this Wednesday at 8 pm on CBS!

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