‘Survivor’ Spoilers: Chelsea Walker and Dean Kowalski Start a Showmance?

Survivor spoilers tease a ‘dangerous’ showmance brewing between Chelsea Walker and Dean Kowalski. The two Lairo tribe members appear closer than ever in the latest sneak peek for the upcoming episode entitled, “Plan Z”. Something that their fellow tribemate Aaron Meredith quickly takes notice of. But will their budding romance cost both of them the million-dollar grand prize?

Survivor Spoilers: Romance Blossoms For Dean Kowalski & Chelsea Walker

So far on this season of Survivor, everything has centered around the castaways furthering themselves in the game. Yet, that’s about to change in this week’s episode according to previews. Dean Kowalski and Chelsea Walker get super close at bedtime. Practically laying, “on top of each other,” says Aaron Meredith, another member of the Lairo tribe.

Survivor showmances can either be beneficial or detrimental, there’s no in-between. While they can have more influence over boots with two people voting the same way, it can also put a huge target on their backs. Which might be what happens to Dean and Chelsea.

Aaron Meredith Calls Chelsea & Dean Relationship ‘Dangerous’

In the preview for Wednesday’s episode, “Plan Z” Aaron Meredith voices his concerns about the new showmance. “In this game, one of the things you have to be careful of is when people are coupled together”. While Aaron’s talking, the Survivor footage flips to Chelsea Walker and possible showmance Dean Kowalski cuddling together in their shelter.

“Dean and Chelsea, they’re too damn close!” Dean exclaims. He basically says that the two sleeping on top of one another as a “dangerous” connection. “It’s a potential power couple and it’s something that needs to get squashed”.

Survivor Spoilers: Lairo Tribe Divided?

The possibility of a potential showmance could shift the entire Lairo tribe’s dynamic. Not only does it paint a target on Chelsea and Dean’s backs, but it’s also a reason for the tribe to split apart and cause tension. The tribe is already falling apart and since they’ve gone to two tribal councils out of three, they’re down one more than the Vokai tribe. If they aren’t able to work together they’ll lose this week’s challenge and face booting another castaway from their ranks

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