‘Survivor’ Spoilers: One Tribe Struggles to Work Together, Costing Them the Challenge

Survivor spoilers spell trouble for one of the two tribes on Island of the Idols in this week’s episode. In a preview for the episode “YOLO, let’s play!” the tribes face off in a water challenge. But things don’t go so well for one of the tribes. Their lack of teamwork ends up costing them the challenge and forcing them to go to tribal council.

Survivor Spoilers: One Tribe Falls Apart

In the early days of Survivor, it’s important to find a way to work together with your tribe. Otherwise, it can lead to disaster when competing in the challenges. Because when one castaway loses, the whole tribe does, too. Everyone has to go to tribal council, where one of them ends up going home.

So, this week that’s apparently what happens. A Survivor spoilers tweet put out by CBS reads, “one tribe learns the importance of teamwork and is humbled during tribal council”. But is it the Lairo or the Vokai?

Lairo Tribe has Already Planted Seeds of Distrust

Last week, it was ultimately the poker pro, Ronnie Bardah, that was voted off of Survivor: Island of the Idols first. He tried to convince the group to vote out the lovable Elaine Stott and it seemed like it was working until the votes were counted and Ronnie was the one getting booted. Everyone appeared to be lying about their votes.

Elaine appeared surprised when Jeff Probst tallied the votes. She seemed almost certain her Survivor torch would be the one he snuffed out. So was Aaron Meredith, who was strongly campaigning for her to go. But it turns out he and Ronnie actually targeted Vince Moua with their votes. How will this crazy blindside affect the relationships in the tribe?

Survivor Spoilers: Would Lairo Target Aaron Meredith

As the other half of the duo campaigning against Elaine, Aaron Meredith may have placed a huge target on his back. He basically drew a line in the sand and was the only other castaway besides Ronnie Bardah to vote Vince Moua. Something that won’t take the other Lairo tribe members long to figure out if they put their heads together. So, will Aaron be in danger should the Lairo tribe be the one to go to tribal tonight?

Tune in to CBS at 8 pm to find out.

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