‘Survivor’ Spoilers: Will Olympian Elizabeth Beisel Be the First Castaway to Go to ‘Island of the Idols’?

Survivor spoilers tease Olympian Elizabeth Beisel possibly being the first castaway to go to Island of the Idols. The 39th season premieres this Wednesday at 8 pm on CBS and preview videos have fans predicting who will go first. In one clip focusing on the “Survivor Bootcamp” twist, Elizabeth clutches her chest and appears shocked. Many fans are saying it’s because she’s seeing Boston Rob Mariano and Sandra Diaz-Twine for the first time. So, is Elizabeth Beisel the first castaway to step foot on Island of the Idols?

Survivor Spoilers: Meet Olympic Medalist Elizabeth Beisel

At first glance, Elizabeth Beisel appears to be your regular 26-year-old Survivor castaway. But the Rhode Island native is actually an Olympic Medalist. The professional swimmer competed in the 2008 Olympics as the youngest member of the United States team. Then again in 2012, where she won both silver and bronze medals. She was also at the 2016 Olympic games but didn’t medal.

Now that she’s retired from swimming, Elizabeth is looking for her next challenge and Survivor: Island of the Idols is it. It doesn’t hurt that there’s a million-dollar prize if she becomes the Sole Survivor.


Elizabeth Beisel Goes To ‘IOI?’

In one of the latest Survivor spoilers previews for this season, it seems like Elizabeth Beisel goes to Island of the Idols, or as fans are calling it, IOI. The video shows Sandra Diaz-Twine and and other former iconic player Boston Rob Mariano, then their giant statues that mark their very own island. Next, it cuts to Elizabeth, who seems to be super shocked.

The former Olympian screams “no way!” and the clip implies she’s the first to go. But as many super-fans know, CBS like to pull bait-and-switch with editing.

Survivor Spoilers: Boston Rob & Sandra Diaz-Twine Brag About Themselves

Sandra Diaz-Twine and Boston Rob are very confident in the skills they’ve learned competing on the show. According to Sandra, “no one knows the game of Survivor better than myself”. She also refers to herself as the “queen” of the franchise. On the other hand, Boston Rob Mariano is a “legend”. Both of them are some of the best that have ever played and fans do think of them as legends. So maybe they get the right to brag a little bit about their accomplishments.

Survivor: Island of the Idols premieres this Wednesday, September 25th on CBS.

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