‘Survivor’: Elizabeth Beisel and Jack Nichting – Are They Still Together?

Survivor’s most recent castaways to start a relationship are Jack Nichting and Olympic swimmer Elizabeth Beisel. The two competed against each other on Island of the Idols just last year. Yet, instead of a million dollars, Jack and Elizabeth won each other’s hearts. They announced their relationship after the finale aired. Plus, they celebrated Valentine’s Day a couple of months ago. But are they still together?

Survivor Update: Elizabeth Beisel Announces Relationship With Jack Nichting

Jack Nichting and Elizabeth Beisel were competitors on Survivor: Island of the Idols before they became a couple. In fact, their relationship came after they were both eliminated. Grad student Jack became the first member of the jury when he was voted out in 14th place. On the other hand, Elizabeth didn’t join him in Ponderosa until 11 days later, ultimately placing 9th.

It wasn’t until after the Survivor 39 finale that Elizabeth announced that she and Jack were dating. She said she has a “curly haired boyfriend” and his name is “Jack”. Elizabeth described him as “the most wonderful human being” she knows.

Neither Showed Up For The The Controversial Season Finale

Neither of them attended the pre-taped Survivor finale. Most likely due to Elizabeth’s controversial involvement in the Dan Spilo sexual assault allegations and Jack’s racial comment to Jamal Shipman.

Jamal Shipman and Jack Nichting handled their situation with grace and Jamal used it as a teachable moment. But, there was already enough controversy for the season, so he was not at the finale.

Survivor: Elizabeth Beisel - Jack Nichting

Survivor Couple Celebrates Valentine’s Day Together

On Valentine’s Day, Jack Nichting and his girlfriend Elizabeth Beisel had some cute things to say about each other. Elizabeth shared a cute photo of the Survivor couple all dressed up. “I feel like the luckiest girl in the world by your side,” the 27-year-old said about her 23-year-old boyfriend.

Jack decided to let Survivor fans know what the couple was up to on the special day. He said they walked on the beach and ate acai bowls while he soaked in “how lucky I am”.

Survivor: Elizabeth Beisel - Jack Nichting

Survivor: Elizabeth Beisel & Jack Nichting – Are They Still Together?

At this time, Elizabeth Beisel and Jack Nichting are still in a relationship. Their last social media interaction was on March 2, before the quarantine and COVID-19 panic began. He shared a picture of Elizabeth, his mom, and his sister at Christmas with the caption, “my three favorite ladies”.

Elizabeth lives in Rhode Island and Jack is from Virginia, and they seem to be on lockdown separately.

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