‘Survivor’ Spoilers: Boston Rob and Sandra Diaz-Twine to Be Coaches on Season 39 ‘Island of the Idols’

Survivor spoilers show legendary players Boston Rob Mariano and Sandra Diaz-Twine returning in a special way for season 39. Instead of competing for the million dollar grand prize, both veterans will be there as mentors. To offer advice to newcomers. The new Survivor season is appropriately named Island of the Idols. But we are not sure whether that refers to Sandra and Boston Rob. Or, if it is the show’s way of telling fans the abundance of idols in the last season was only the beginning.

Survivor Spoilers: The Legends Boston Rob Mariano & Sandra Diaz-Twine are Back

Robert Mariana, better known as Boston Rob is a four-time Survivor contestant. He competed on Redemption Island, Marquesas, All-Stars and Heroes vs. Villains. Rob came in first place only once during his fourth try on the franchise but fans remember him for his brains and the devious ways he played. Yet, somehow he also managed to be a charismatic leader who dominated Survivor challenges.

On the other hand, Sandra Diaz-Twine won the game twice on Pearl Islands and Heroes vs. Villains. Yes, she did beat Boston Rob when they were on the same season. She is the only person to ever win Survivor twice Sandra is so good that she decided to come back for more in Game Changers but was taken out quickly because of how big a threat she is. Now, the two are back in a different way for another round of Survivor.

The First Ever Island Boot Camp

Sadly, the two of the most successful Survivor alum are not back to play the game. But are instead going to be on an island of their own where they will be able to give out advice. Not only that, but it will also serve as a “boot camp” of sorts where the 20 new castaways can learn the tricks of the trade.

While they are not participating in challenges or voting at Survivor Tribals, Sandra Diaz-Twine and Boston Rob still have to live like castaways. On their separate island, they will have to build their own shelter, catch their own food and sleep on the cold, hard ground.

Survivor Spoilers: Get Prepared for an Awesome Season

With Boston Rob and Sandra, there is sure to be plenty of comedic and dramatic moments, alike. There will also be plenty of advantages and possibly a lot more immunity idols if the name of the season is anything to go by. Hopefully the legends can teach half as well as they can play. Island of the Idols is set to air this fall.

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