‘Survivor’ Spoilers: Boston Rob Builds a ‘Shelter Like You’ve Never Seen Before’ on ‘Island of the Idols’

Survivor spoilers tease legend Boston Rob Mariano constructing the shelter of all shelters. While they wait for another castaway to visit them on Island of the Idols, Boston Rob and his shelter building assistant Sandra Diaz-Twine are keeping busy. So, they’re using their abundance of free time to construct the biggest shelter in Survivor history. Keep reading to get a sneak peek of their awesome digs.

Survivor Spoilers: Boston Rob & Sandra Get a Week Off

Island of the Idols didn’t welcome a new castaway in last week’s episode. Instead, the newly swapped tribes competed in a reward challenge. Where the winning group would receive an arrangement of food from Applebees. Both tribes were gunning for the “biggest reward” of Survivor. But only one could win and it was the Vokai tribe.

So, that meant that Boston Rob and Sandra Diaz-Twine basically got the week off. Rob also decided to use the time to dip his toes into the world of construction.

Boston Rob Builds ‘Mansion’

It seems that Boston Rob is putting his time to good use by constructing the biggest shelter Survivor fans have ever seen. In a preview for this week’s episode, “Suck It Up Buttercup” he gives viewers a tour of his work thus far. Boston Rob talks about building his shelter, one like has been seen before on the CBS show. He calls it “the mansion of all shelters”.

And from what he’s done so far, it already looks like the best shelter in franchise history. The structure is made out of bamboo and appears to be two stories tall. Boston Rob has even built a ladder to help him get all the way up to the top. If it ever goes up on the market, it’s definitely a beachfront property.

Survivor Spoilers: Sandra Diaz-Twine Gets Her Own Room

Boston Rob tells the camera. that he may give Sandra a corner of the shelter. Sandra appears to be helping him with the shelter by making sure he doesn’t fall off the ladder. Or she could be waiting for the opportunity to push it over. But Rob isn’t just doing it out of the kindness of his heart. His reasoning for giving Sandra her own room is, “because she snores at night.”

Survivor airs Wednesdays on CBS at 8 pm.

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